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  1. I also experience the flash bug on my HTC Desire S. But I have an additional question, is there / or will be there in the near future, an option to turn the shutter sound off?
  2. Oh thx! I didn't knew that. That is a valuable info. Will do
  3. And who said I want to use it for a frequently edited file? Sadly for some part of reporting or getting a approving decision from my VP I have to prepare memos that I hand out to him in paper and then archive. So it would be easier for me to click a export to Evernote button just like in NitroPDF. But no problem i just put together a "send to" menu shortcut for sending files to Evernote and it seems to get the job done Thanks for all your input
  4. Hi! I was wondering, is there a way to integrate Evernote with MS Word (like it is done in MS Outlook). One button exporting to Evernote? It would make my life a lot easier Thanks in advance for your help.
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