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  1. I too have this issue. I've not updated my OS or any apps and it just stopped working.
  2. So I am a project manager for a record label. I manage everything in Evernote and Todoist. I only started using Todoist because Evernote has yet to implement tasks in notes and the ability to assign those to other users. Been using Evernote for 5 years and have a small team on the platform. So my huge issue is emailing notes to non-Evernote people. For example, i have purchase order templates for all of my vendors (25 plus). I copy those templates into a specific project/notebook stack and build them from there. Every order varies a bit so this is the easiest way for me and the team. The problem now with Work Chat is i can't then just directly email these POs to the vendors. Now i have to build in EN these POs, then go to my mail client and rebuilt them. This is SUPER annoying as each Note/PO has images marked up with Skitch, PDFs with artwork, grids, and even audio files sometimes. So as you can imagien copying all that over to Gmail is really annoying and makes formatting get messed up. I used to be able to just email a note to a vendor and i was moving on with my day. I've searched the forum and web but it just seems they want us to use Workchat for this but when you do this, the receiver has to sign in to Evernote or create an account? Any one have ideas with this? This is a real deal breaker for me. With each update of EN i'm getting less and less stoked on it. It was originally such an open platform and i feel more and more that i'm being dictated to how they want me to use it. pulling my hair out please help! P
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