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  1. Thanks for the info "jefito" My weekly shopping list in now on my desktop sweet!
  2. Sorry for the late reply "fumisme" its really simple I use an android G2 phone here's the steps I use for a shortcut Open Evernote. Open the main menu then all notes. Locate the note you want to shortcut. Press and hold on the note till a menu opens. Select "create Shortcut" it will show up on the desktop.
  3. Hi all just thought Id post one of my biggest uses for EverNote. I had a bad heart attack not to long ago and I was diagnosed as diabetic as well so I'm on mad drugs. I keep a list on Evernote of all my Drugs and Supplements there dosage and when I take them, I also have a list of all my sugar levels date and time it was taken. To make adding information to them easier or review them I use the "create shortcut" option which puts an icon on my phone's desktop for that individual list. This is a really useful option which I don't see mentioned that much do you have a shopping list or a project that you go to often on your phone one press and your there try it its really useful.
  4. Hi all first post just found the forums Cool Software Love it! I use ever note daily i'm a tech guy I set up phone and computer networks for small companies. A lot of times I get called in by a friend of a friend because they rent a space call a phone and ISP and they have no clue as what to do next or there old tech guy just disappeared. Most of the times I have set everything up, or figure out whats already installed. ISP modem, network router, PBX, WiFi each has there own setup instructions which might be used only once ever. That's where I use EverNote those obscure details that can mean so much in the Tech world. Each customer has a tag and a notebook with all there details so when they call at 10:00pm (And they do) I have it all at a finger tip.
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