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  1. Thanks for the info "jefito" My weekly shopping list in now on my desktop sweet!
  2. Sorry for the late reply "fumisme" its really simple I use an android G2 phone here's the steps I use for a shortcut Open Evernote. Open the main menu then all notes. Locate the note you want to shortcut. Press and hold on the note till a menu opens. Select "create Shortcut" it will show up on the desktop.
  3. Hi all just thought Id post one of my biggest uses for EverNote. I had a bad heart attack not to long ago and I was diagnosed as diabetic as well so I'm on mad drugs. I keep a list on Evernote of all my Drugs and Supplements there dosage and when I take them, I also have a list of all my sugar levels date and time it was taken. To make adding information to them easier or review them I use the "create shortcut" option which puts an icon on my phone's desktop for that individual list. This is a really useful option which I don't see mentioned that much do you have a shopping list or a project that you go to often on your phone one press and your there try it its really useful.
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