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  1. I have a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M and I scan all my receipts directly into evernote. I file the receipts based on what the purchase was for. For example, my computer stuff goes into a notebook for my computer. My tool receipts go into my home inventory notebook. And so on. For tax stuff, I use tags. I have a 2011-Tax tag I add to all my notes that I need to remember for tax time. This way I can file things logically, but also recover them at the end of the year (or any year) so I can do my taxes. For Sales Tax I use two different methods. The first method is like above only I add a second tag (2011-Sales Tax). The second method is for stuff I don't need the receipt for other than the sales tax. I have a box in my kitchen and everyone puts their receipts in this box. For EVERYTHING. School supplies, groceries, eating out, gas, etc... I mean everything. Every Sunday, I grab all the receipts out of the box and scan them into EN as 1 note. I add the total sales tax dollar amount to the title and add my sales tax tag. I also file the note into a "Sales Tax" notebook. At the end of the year, I can call up the 2011-Sales Tax tag and just add up the dollar amounts in the title of all the notes to get my total sales tax for 2011. This helps a lot at tax time.
  2. I recently used Evernote to document my pool equipment layout. Took a picture of the pool equipment and then used photoshop to add in water flow directions and labels for each pump and value. Imported that photo into Evernote and then added the How-To text at the bottom. Now when things go wrong (like my hot tub pumping water out into the pool ) I just whip out my phone, lookup the note, and can tell which valve is stuck. This will also help when I go to sell my house. I can give the new owner a digital copy of the How-To instructions. I've created similar How-to notes for car maintenance. Have it setup so my teenage son can access it. Has saved him a couple of times at college.
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