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  1. EN beta 5 is disappointing! All my captured notes font size have been downsized from Tahoma 16 to 8 which is too small on my screen.
  2. I've successfully used Revo Uninstaller Pro v3.0.2 to uninstall the rogue Evernote version 4.6.3 on two Win 7 Pro 64-bit notebook PC. The keys are: 1. Start up Revo, use "Forced Unintall", select "Advanced scanning mode". 2. At "Program's exact name:", enter "evernote". 3. Select everything in the registry to delete (see attached jpg). 4. Apply step 1-3 again if Evernote still shows up in Revo. 5. Install the latest version public. 6. Enter your Username and Password. 7. Re sync again to download all the notebooks from server. I've tried to add/remove notes and the new Evernote version runs as expected. I hope this could help everyone.
  3. I tried Revo Uninstaller Pro (advanced option) several times and it didn't work. Finally I was successful in uninstalling Evernote v4.6.3 by selecting and removing all the Evernote remnants in registry. I've since installed v4.6.4 and downloaded all my notebooks. However, every time when Evernote sync, it displays the following message: "Syncronization complete Sync failed due to unexpected problem at server side"
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