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  1. Hi Evernone, 


    I currently work as a senior learning technology advisor in Perth Western Australia. I am doing some research on digital literacy in the context of teaching and learning. I am looking at digital tools trends education.

    I would love to hear from you if you are a teacher or a student using Evernote. 

    Here are a few questions to start with 

    1. Are you a teacher or student? 
    2. Are you using Evernote in a language other than English? 
    3. If you are teaching, what subject / year level (primary/secondary/tertiary/professional development and or technical college/further education) 
    4. If you are a student/learning what subject / year etc
    5. Which country are you currently teaching/learning?

    How do you use Evernote? Teachers

    • Repository ? Clipping lots of pages, storing documents. 
    • 360 tool (you're using it for pretty much everything) Please share your workflow
    • Flipped Learning
    • eLearning/blended learning
    • Portfolio 
    • If you don't mind sharing your process please share your ideas. If you would prefer you can send me a private message that is fine. 

    How do you use Evernote? Students - 

    • Repository ? Clipping lots of pages, storing documents. 
    • 360 tool (you're using it for pretty much everything) Please share your workflow
    • Scratch pad: you do your drafts, collect evidence
    • Portfolio
    • If you don't mind sharing your process please share your ideas. If you would prefer you can send me a private message that is fine. 

    This is a preliminary questionnaire and I will develop a much more comprehensive one depending on the replies. I can keep you updated if you wish so please message me your email address so that I can contact you in the future. 


    Thank you

  2. Since the new IOS 11 Penultimate keeps crashing with no error message. This is happening to quite a few users.

    Please assist or advise. (All apps and IOS are up to date, uninstall and reinstall has been tried too. ) 

    Anyone having this issue too? 


  3. Support tickets get 'triage' to experts through Directly. There is a disclaimer whether it is small or not - there is a disclaimer.

    Often the tickets go through Directly because the Evernote staff isn't on hand to assist. (Time zone etc) The experts have no access to private details, escalate anything they can't handle but they do assist out of hours, enhancing customer service. Many platform use Directly -Wordpress, Pinterest, Air'bnb, LinkedIn. Directly experts are screened and vetted and go through rigorous checks. 

    If you want to avoid your ticket to go through Directly you can go straight to Evernote via Twitter. As stated above

    ''Reach out to Evernote support on Twitter @EvernoteHelps   

    We've been leveling up our support across all channels. If you're active on Twitter, try your hand with our @evernotehelps feed. It's helmed by a crack team out of Austin, TX who are here to answer your questions.  They're generally active from 7am-4pm CST.  https://twitter.com/evernotehelps '' 
    So Evernote is basically getting extra help to provide 24hrs support wherever you are in the world. That is pretty good don't you think? Premium or not (I too am premium) I think that our needs are met and expectations exceeded most of the time even if their business model doesn't always align with the way I conduct my business. 
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  4. I am trying to make better use of Google Drive and Evernote. I have noticed that attachments (from google drive)  display differently depending on your device. For example images will display inline on the web, on windows and mac but on Ipad they are just a link. 

    It would be nice if all files no matter where they are from have a choice of inline/preview or attachments just like any other attachments? 

    In the past two months I have lost many notes in Evernote (:() which prompted me to move some files to Google Drive. Now I realised that Gdrive integration in Evernote is just a link you click just like any other link. 

    I think there should be more done with this integration, attachments display, offline access in Gdrive etc....just some thoughts... 



    Evernote Community Leader

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  5. For the past week there has been intermittent issues with the web platform on Google Chrome. Notebooks and notes are not displaying properly when scrolling (not showing at all at times) This happened to many users. A quick fix has been to clear cache and browser history but it has not been 100% successful. 

    Is there a fix in the pipeline? Anyone else having this issue? 

    Thank you.



    Western Australia. 

  6. On 18/01/2017 at 2:10 AM, cifip said:

    Hi all,

    We released Evernote for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch v8.0 earlier today.

    Evernote 8.0 is a complete redesign emphasizing speed and simplicity. Capture your thoughts with ease, and find what you're looking for faster than ever. Bring beauty and clarity to your notes with an improved editing experience. In addition, this new app will lay the foundation for us to more easily build the features you've been requesting. We’re really excited, and we hope you are too.


    What's New in Evernote 8.0:

    • Quickly navigate between main sections of the app with the tab bar
      • Sections: Notes, Search, Note Creation (+), Shortcuts, and Account
      • Work Chat is now found inside the Account tab
      • Tag management has been moved into Account tab > Settings > Manage Tags
        • This is a simplified list, where you can delete tags or add a tag to Shortcuts
    • Find your content more easily with the new note list
      • Browse notes and identify your images quickly with newly designed note previews
      • Switch between small, medium (default), or large previews by tapping Note List Options (in the overflow ‘…’ menu)
        • Medium and Large previews will show up to three thumbnails in the note list
        • You can still control sort order and whether or not to view images or snippet text
      • Filter a note list by pulling down slightly to expose a search box, tag filter, and reminder filter
      • Filter by tags: Tap the tag icon to select and apply tag filters
        • After selecting a tag, a filtered list of remaining tags are shown if you wish to refine further
      • Filter by reminders: Tap the reminder icon to view just your reminder notes
      • Manually sync: Pull down on the note list
    • Switch between notebooks quickly
      • The notebook list is now opened from the top of the note list
      • When you first launch Evernote 8.0, you'll see All Notes at the top with a down arrow - tap that to open the notebook list including All Notes and Reminders collections
      • Tap the name of the notebook at the top of the screen to get to your notebook list
      • Swipe left on a notebook or stack to expose the settings button: use this to open notebook or stack settings to rename, add to stack, add to shortcuts, or change sharing permissions
    • Create new notes with a multi-function + button
      • Tap the (+) button (aka new note skittle) to get right into the note editor
      • Long-press on the (+) button and drag to quickly create Audio, Photo, or Reminder notes
      • Or long-press on the (+) button and release to view these note creation options then tap the one you want
      • Swipe the keyboard down to save your note and enter View mode
      • Tapping Done will save and sync your note
        • If you leave your note title and note body empty, the note will be automatically removed
    • Beautify your notes with a better formatting and styling options
      • On top of the keyboard, you'll see the new formatting navigation bar
        • ABC is the main keyboard
        • Next is the primary formatting button - this opens the formatting menu in the keyboard area
          • Change font style to bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, or highlight
          • Change text size to small, medium, or large
          • Change text color! (Swipe left for shades of gray)
        • The third button is for list and paragraph settings
        • The camera button launches our powerful document camera
        • The square + button will open an action sheet for other options of adding audio, sketch, files, or photos
    • 2 ways to search
      • Search within a notebook by tapping in the search field at the top of the note list
      • Search your entire account from the search tab
        • See suggestions for notes, notebooks, and tags before running your search
        • Recent searches and saved searches are also on the Search tab
    • Easy access to shortcuts
      • Access your shortcuts straight from the tab bar
      • Shortcuts area also shows your most recently viewed notes
    • Evernote Business users - now switch between business and personal accounts
      • Evernote Business users can switch between personal and business accounts in two ways:
        • From the Account tab; just tap your name and select the account you want to view
        • Alternatively, you can long-press on the Account tab to launch the quick account switcher
      • Your notes, saved and recent searches, recent notes and shortcuts, and tags are now all separated by account within the app
      • To move a note between your personal or business accounts, within a note, tap on the notebook name and scroll to the bottom, and then tap "Move to another account" to open your business or personal notebook list.
    What's coming soon:
    • Context and related notes
    • 3D Touch Peek and Pop for note lists
    • Note list scrubber - ability to quickly move through long note lists
    • Enhanced (native) business card notes
    • View tags in note list - formerly on iPad only - we plan to bring the option to iPhone and iPad
    • Reminders enhancements
    What's not returning:
    • Home screen and home screen sections - primary navigation has been moved to the tab bar
    • Presentation mode - this will still be available on desktop clients
    • Suggested note titles
    • Note "draft" mode
      • In v7, when you created a note you needed to save it. If you tapped cancel, you'd have the option to delete or save.
      • In v8, when you create a note, you tap done to save the note. If you decided you didn't want the note, you can delete it. This should cut down in inadvertent data loss.
    Read more about the Evernote 8 launch on our blog: Evernote 8.0: Organization Made Simple.
    You can download the Evernote for iOS app from the App Store.

    As always, please let us know what you think.


    January 18 Update

    Hi all,

    Today we released v8.0.1 to address the following issues:

    • Inserting multiple images into a new note with no other content drops the images from the note
      • 8.0.1 stops this behavior and repairs notes that may have encountered this issue
    • From a note list, swiping on a note and tapping the delete button resulted in the note getting expunged instead of going to the Trash
      • 8.0.1 now sends the note to the Trash

    We are currently focused on fixing the following issues to be part of 8.0.2:

    • From a note list, swiping on an empty note that was just created before the note is automatically removed resulted in the following note being deleted
      • Inadvertently deleted notes should be found in the Trash, but we are also fixing the initial bug
    • Top crasher
      • There is an issue with the thumbnail generation in the note list that may result in crash on launch, crash while scrolling note list, or crash on search.
      • The following have worked for users with various degrees of success: force quit and relaunch app (multiple times if necessary), rebooting device, deleting and reinstalling the app.



    The presentation mode being gone from the mobile devices doesn't make any sense. I love Evernote and everything you do usually make sense to me but this? 

    As a ECL I encourage people to step away from clonky programs such as powerpoint and since we are heading to a tablet driven world, why would the presentation mode go? 

    I'd love some some insight so that I can explain fellow users in my community. 

    Many thanks. 

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  7. Hello Evernote community.

    I am reaching out to users of Paperport and Evernote. I have been looking at Nuance for recurring errors regarding the  "Out of Memory" message when establishing the link with EN but there seem to be very little out there for fixes. Just this: 

    https://nuance.custhelp.com/app/answers/list/search/1/kw/not enough of memory/suggested/1


    Anyone managed to fix it? Thank you. 



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