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  1. Hi Evernone, I currently work as a senior learning technology advisor in Perth Western Australia. I am doing some research on digital literacy in the context of teaching and learning. I am looking at digital tools trends education. I would love to hear from you if you are a teacher or a student using Evernote. Here are a few questions to start with Are you a teacher or student? Are you using Evernote in a language other than English? If you are teaching, what subject / year level (primary/secondary/tertiary/professional development and or technical
  2. Hi everyone. Did I miss something or is the Google Drive icon missing from the Web interface? Many users are reporting the issue and it is considerably slowing their productivity flow. Is it intentional? Is it a bug? Thanks Severine Evernote Community Leader Perth Australia
  3. Since the new IOS 11 Penultimate keeps crashing with no error message. This is happening to quite a few users. Please assist or advise. (All apps and IOS are up to date, uninstall and reinstall has been tried too. ) Anyone having this issue too? Sev
  4. I am trying to make better use of Google Drive and Evernote. I have noticed that attachments (from google drive) display differently depending on your device. For example images will display inline on the web, on windows and mac but on Ipad they are just a link. It would be nice if all files no matter where they are from have a choice of inline/preview or attachments just like any other attachments? In the past two months I have lost many notes in Evernote () which prompted me to move some files to Google Drive. Now I realised that Gdrive integration in Evernote is just a link you
  5. Have you tried to clear the browser cache and history? S.
  6. For the past week there has been intermittent issues with the web platform on Google Chrome. Notebooks and notes are not displaying properly when scrolling (not showing at all at times) This happened to many users. A quick fix has been to clear cache and browser history but it has not been 100% successful. Is there a fix in the pipeline? Anyone else having this issue? Thank you. Sev. Western Australia.
  7. Gotcha. Good point. My goal this week is to clean up my 2000 notes and back up so this is a great idea! Thanks. Sev
  8. Do you mind sharing what type of back up do you use? .ENEX? Thanks Sev
  9. The presentation mode being gone from the mobile devices doesn't make any sense. I love Evernote and everything you do usually make sense to me but this? As a ECL I encourage people to step away from clonky programs such as powerpoint and since we are heading to a tablet driven world, why would the presentation mode go? I'd love some some insight so that I can explain fellow users in my community. Many thanks.
  10. Hello Evernote community. I am reaching out to users of Paperport and Evernote. I have been looking at Nuance for recurring errors regarding the "Out of Memory" message when establishing the link with EN but there seem to be very little out there for fixes. Just this: https://nuance.custhelp.com/app/answers/list/search/1/kw/not enough of memory/suggested/1 http://nuance-community.custhelp.com/posts/adff9b1d6f Anyone managed to fix it? Thank you. Severine
  11. Chiming in with a few issues....EN web-clipper for Chrome it is very temperamental on many pages. Most of the time it will not work with web pages which worked previously. I have to remove clipper and reinstall sometimes more than once. Clipper also gets 'caught' by ad blockers much more than before, forcing you to whitelist the page.
  12. I am having the same problem. Is there a fix please? I am using it for work (Like most people here I am sure) so it is critical. Thank you
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