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  1. Checked just now, visit to evernote domain inside WeChat get recovered, thank you!
  2. Tried on WeChat Admin to recover my shared link above, failed; but the feedback makes the issue clear; WeChat Admin says "网页包含低俗、暴力内容", which means, "Web pages contain vulgar, violent content"; I'm pretty sure my link is fine, so I tried again the domain name, www.evernote.com Turns out, it also get blocked, and I was informed that, someone else shared some restricted information with this following shared link, <link removed by admin> Now it is clear, this link (owned by some unknown Evernote User), does contain vulgar content. Then, WeChat Admin blocked all hyperlinks starting with www.evernote.com Finally, only Evernote can solve this out. Evernote need to work with its user who own this note, and also work out with Wechat Admin.
  3. I'll try that too; however, I believe it is not about the context within my shared notes, as I said, it is about all the links starting with "https://www.evernote.com/shard/.."
  4. I used to share an everote note with one shared link, a friend on Wechat can open this link simply by clicking it. the link starts with "https://www.evernote.com/shard/..." is now blocked inside Wechat, now a friend need to copy it and paste it to another browser (e.g, Chrome) to see it, not convenient any more. the evernote company need to apply for the re-access, because it is not about one note getting blocked, it is about all the links starting with "https://www.evernote.com/shard/.."
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