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  1. I want to define once notebook called "Bookmarks". From this I can create an RSS feed, filtered by tags so I can use it as live bookmarks in Firefox. When I click it, the souce URL of the respective note should open. So I have all information I'm collecting together. New bookmarks can be added throught the WebClipper.
  2. I'm looking for the same... But the general interest in this function seems to be low... even EN's interest to reimplement it.... Too bad.
  3. Hey, Since EN removed the functionality of generating RSS feeds from notebooks I'm painfully missing it. Do you happen to know if there is any software/piece of code etc. which brings back this feature. Using the API this should not bee too complicated, but my PHP knowledge and ability to build something on my own is very limited. Thanks for any ideas. :-) Regards, Johannes
  4. Are you sure, I can select "make this bookmark to the homescreen"? When I click the bookmark in Mobile Safari it instantly opens EN with the note - which is nice... But I do not have a chance to save it to the Homescreen.
  5. Hey, ist there any way to generate a link/icon on the iOS homescreen which opens a specific note in Evernote? Any ideas? Johannes
  6. Well, yesterday I bought the Fujitsu SnapScan S1300 and its a great device. JUst works perfect, software is great and scanning is so easy!
  7. I tried Paperport 14 but have to say that I absolutely dislike it. Installation takes ages and the program surface does not look intuitive at all - more or less very bloated - ok I know it's a powerful tool. And what really disturbes me is the integrated document filing solution which I do not need at all, as I want to use the much nicer/better EN. :-) Well I keep on searching. Next option is the automatic import folder... Or I need to buy a Fujitsu Scanner :-/
  8. Thanks to both of you for your ideas. Both options sound good specially as Nuance seems to offer trial versions since a while. I came over this ScanDrop software - has anyone experience with it?
  9. Hi, I have plans to go paperless and already own a fairly good scanner so I want to continue using it. However I'm looking for a good software to directly scan into EN. I understand the SnapScan software has it but I assume it is incapable to work with my (Samsung) scanner. Any ideas? I'm using Win7. Thanks! Johannes
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