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  1. This is a late addition to this thread but I have to weigh in and express my disappointment with Evernote as well. It's not the pricing policy or feature changes that have me bothered. It's the BUGS. Evernote is, by far, the buggiest software on my computer--and on my mobile devices. And that's not a new thing, which is the problem. The bugs are well known and well reported, yet they persist, year after year. This is the thing that has had me lately casting about for an alternative. It's a shame because the idea behind Evernote is genius. It's just that the execution is lacking. I know tech can be difficult so I gave them a few years to work things out. But my patience has started to noticeably fray.
  2. I have this problem too--and have had it for about a year, possibly much longer. Extremely frustrating. OSX El Capitan v10.11.6 Evernote 7.0.3
  3. I finally found the solution and it is simple: tap and hold down on the little keyboard icon at the lower right of your screen and select "Dock" (do this when your virtual keyboard is visible, of course). That solved the problem for me.
  4. Same problem here on my Macbook Pro. Just started about 15 minutes ago. I can see note contents in sidebar but when I open the note I don't see the contents at all, nor the note title. Then, when I close the note, Evernote changes the title to "Untitled". Now I'm afraid to use Evernote at all until this is fixed.
  5. Yup, me too. Having this problem on a regular iPad. Not sure when it started (perhaps with a recent iOS update?) but it is a tremendous annoyance. Surely some of the good people at Evernote also use iPads and have noticed this problem themselves?
  6. We can only hope. I don't think I can wait another 100 years. Waiting for the past 18 months has seemed like an eternity.
  7. Metrodon, What other services would you recommend for "team notebooks"? I'd like to look into that. BNF: It's a shame if EN is planning to NOT incorporate some greater flexibility to allow for shared notebooks. Not to preach but: we live in a connected world and a key element of that connectivity is the flexibility to customize. It seems like it should be fairly simple (and functional) to allow for users to specify tags by notebook...if they want to. That single tweak would allow for notebooks to be shared across all sorts of uses and users. Seems like a simple and elegant solution that would open up EN's subscriber base substantially. In any case, I'm in a bind because I want to use EN for personal use, like you do, and I also want to use it at work. But, I can't - not without experiencing some pretty comical and useless tag proliferation. I also want to be an Evangelist but this is the one impediment for me. Is anyone from EN out there listening?
  8. I would second the suggestion that Evernote provide separate tags for separate notebooks. I use a shared notebook with my team at work. The tags we use are strictly business related. I would love to also have a personal folder (for receipts, gift ideas, recipes and the like) but don't want to muddle-up my team's business notebook with tags like "Gifts for Mom" and "Tasty Recipes". I've heard various workarounds but would love to see EN implement a solution. The standard responses I've seen to this request so far are: 1. "This is low priority - not many people really want or need this". My response: These people probably aren't using shared notebooks in a business environment. Implementing this feature request could open up a huge market among business users (improved notebook sharing features - especially with a web clipping tool that could be used by any team user - would help too). 2. "Use the 'Hide Unassigned Tags' feature". My response: That has a lot of drawbacks. One is that you can't establish a fixed set of tags for your team (some of which my be unused at the outset) and another is that you would still see all of the other "personal" tags when you use some of the Evernote features for assigning tags to new notes. 3. "Create a second Evernote account to keep your business and personal accounts separate". My response: This would cost a few extra bucks but I think its a very fair solution EXCEPT it appears that Evernote doesn't support two accounts with its desktop client and with its mobile apps (though I hope someone tells me I'm wrong about that). I've seen some workarounds mentioned here by Burger n Fries and some other evangelists but they all seem a bit clunky, especially for EN subscribers who often access info from mobile devices. Maybe I just don't fully understand the features and I have, admittedly, only recently switched to a Mac computer so perhaps there is a feature to which I haven't yet been introduced. In any case, finding a solution is really important to me and as much as I absolutely love Evernote I must admit that I'm finding myself casting about the web to see if there is another young, smart and creative firm out there that can fill the void.
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