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  1. Excellent! Thank you for responding. During testing, you might verify that "Checkboxes" properly align with their corresponding text. This has been a problem in the past. The Checkboxes are aligned above their corresponding text. FYI, printing out Checkbox lists is very handy in situations where having a mobile device is cumbersome or dangerous to that device's safety. For example we build supply lists for camping trips - having them on paper makes them more useful, whilst maintaining them in EN allows us to constantly improve the quality and completeness of the lists.
  2. That's a lot of talk making excuses for Evernote lacking really basic functionality that is available pretty much universally everywhere else! The silly thing is, they shouldn't have to reinvent the wheel if they simply call Windows' built in print functionality without disabling the page range selection.
  3. Bug #3 for me: The update to process was less than ideal. 1. It mishandled the Evernote shortcut on my taskbar, abandoning it and leaving a blank, useless shortcut. Deleted that shortcut and dragged the irritating new shortcut the update left on my desktop by the update process to the taskbar. (I've never seen this sloppy behavior in other program updates.) 2. The update moved the local user files from my (large) drive D: to the user area on drive C:. Drive C: on this system is a smallish SSD so I only keep programs there. The bug: so when I attempted to move the user files back to drive D: (using Tools/Options/General/Evernote local files), it errored out on one file: "myusername.exb.related" "because the file is open in Evernote". Strangely, subsequently File Manager showed the file was in the new location, however. 2a. The move process leaves the trail of local user files in the old location without saying so. Obviously the move would be counter-productive to saving space on my SSD.
  4. While I'm on the printing bug... does anyone else have problems with printing check box lists? For several versions, the check box prints more than a half-row up from the line of text where it belongs. The check boxes might just as well be eye-candy since they serve no check box function in that print layout. (Windows 10... and Windows 7 before that + a bullet proof with other apps Brother MFC-8680DN)
  5. Coming here to link the following with the hope it will catch some attention since the product deficiency apparently has been ignored by EN since at least 2012...
  6. So it is now 4-1/2 years later... and the very basic Windows functionality of printing a specific page or range of pages still has not been fixed? I get the principle of using Evernote is to go all digital, but sometimes there are solid reasons to print. So Evernote requires its user community to print 20 pages even if they only need one of those pages? Does this same product defect exist in the OSX version? (Sloppy workarounds like logging into the web version are just that - sloppy.)
  7. I have a note that is heavily loaded with check boxes and it scrolls smoothly. Perhaps there's a Windows video performance issue on your machine?
  8. EN not responding on weekends - except the airy line pacing issue has been here for weeks. EN must have longgg weekends! Or not respond at all. Seems like the courtesy of a simple response would be much appreciated. Even if it is "we intentionally made text notes airy and spread out."
  9. Agreed. The airy linespacing problem is what is holding me back from upgrading the Windows version. Evernote?
  10. I use Checkboxes a lot. Checkboxes have been wonky since they were introduced. Should have been cleaned up long ago. Been using checkboxes since I started with Evernote and not had a problem. This is a new one for me. Regards Chris I realized this discussion is related to the Windows version. Checkboxes have been wonky from the start on iOS.
  11. I use Checkboxes a lot. Checkboxes have been wonky since they were introduced. Should have been cleaned up long ago.
  12. Any thoughts on the extra airy linefeed issue? That is the item delaying me from updating.
  13. Does this "airy linespacing" issue only happen with free-flow text notes... or does the extra airiness also happen between bullets, checkbox, etc... lists? Will not update if the airiness is universal.
  14. After upgrading, was missing most of notes and most of tags. Uninstalled (hold Evernote icon until it vibrates, click the "x"), reinstalled, and upon logging back in all the missing notes & tags successfully reappeared. Note that during the missing notes/tags episode, all notes and tags were fine in older EN apps on other platforms and on Windows version. Config where the problem happened: iPhone 5 + iOS 7.
  15. Hi. I am not from Evernote, but the CEO (Phil Libin) is, and he says it is a few weeks away (in May).http://www.pcworld.com/article/2035401/evernote-ceo-we-want-to-build-hardware.html Reading the headline in that story... I get that in this business you innovate or die, but as a several year user I'd like to see the following before messing around with smart paper and hardware: 1) Get the security thing in order. (Who knows, if Evernote hadn't been putting resources on smart paper or whatever it is called, the security improvements might have been in place sooner, rather than the "playing defense" on security that the CEO says they don't do.) 2) Fully polish the existing core Evernote app on iOS and Android. There are still rough edges.
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