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  1. We pushed a new beta with 2 fixes that we think will help the issue. Please update and let us know if it fixed the issue for you. - Jess
  2. Hi Marvol, When you go into the editor, is it the normal editor with just simple formatting, or is it the very limited editor where things created on your desktop cause it to only allow you to edit a section at a time?
  3. For the notes that won't save your changes anymore: When you go into the editor, is it the normal editor or is it the very limited editor where you can only edit a section at a time? Any info like this will help us track it down. We are trying to reproduce it right now, so any help is appreciated! - Jess
  4. Hi Pagaling, Could you do me a favor and send us a log of the Evernote app starting up? To do this follow these steps all in quick succession: 1. Go to the phone settings screen and kill the evernote app. 2. Launch Evernote 3. Go to Evernote settings screen 4. Go to Support -> Send Log 5. Address the email to android-preview@evernote.com Thanks, Jess Senior Android Developer
  5. If you click on a selected tag, it will deselect it and show all tags.
  6. We think we have fixed the problem that led to your device getting into this bad state in our latest beta, but just for our info, did you change your password on your account recently? Logging out and logging in will resolve the issue once it is in the bad state. Sorry for the inconvenience, Jess
  7. Under the main settings screen, choose applications, then manage applications. Then find the app that is currently opening the PDF (PDF To Go) and click on clear defaults under that app's launch by default section. Jess
  8. For everyone that had the No Default Notebook problem where they couldn't create a new note: 1. Was your account working fine on the phone and then just stopped being able to create notes? If so, what happened around that time, an upgrade or something else? 2. Assuming #1 is true, about how long have you had Evernote installed and logged in on your device (phone or tablet)? Thank you for your help, Jess
  9. Thanks for letting us know. We just released an update to the widget last night to fix the issues you mentioned, so please install again and let us know if you have any issues. Thanks, Jess
  10. Our tablet UI design was meant for devices with displays that have 7" or greater displays. We feel that the phone UI is better suited for any display that is smaller than that, so that's what our rules our. The Samsung Note will be running the phone version again as of the latest Beta: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/21736-evernote-for-android-33-beta-3 Sorry for those of you that wish it was a tablet view, but rest assured, we are always working to improve the UI for both phones and tablets. Jess
  11. This should be fixed in the new Beta: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/21736-evernote-for-android-33-beta-3 Special thanks to kuba144 for helping us get this fixed! Jess
  12. Hi hvanston, We don't have a default view to set, but we remember the last view type you used so the next time you enter your list of notes it should be the same. Thanks, Jess
  13. Hi RJK, You are correct that Samsung chose to modify the way apps display on their device so that phone apps looked better on it. That same modification, inflates the size of all our UI elements on the tablet UI to make it pretty much unusable. If in a subsequent update, Samsung removes the modification so that apps run normally, the Evernote App will immediately switch to the tablet UI. Jess
  14. If the notes don't show in the notes list, then you may have a corrupted note database on the phone. If you log out and then log in again on the device, the problem should be resolved. Thanks, Jess
  15. Hi, Sorry for the problem you are having. We'd like to get it fixed, but we need a little more info: 1. What type of device are you using? 2. Please send us the Enex file of a note that shows this problem to android-preview@evernote.com? To do this, find the file in the desktop client, right click on it in the list and select export. Thank you for your help, Jess
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