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  1. Thanks for the responses. I placed the PDF in Evernote because only a few of the 92 pages have information that I need. Since Evernote will OCR the scans within the PDF, I can search for the information I need and Evernote will take me to a specific page. My thought was to then go to that page in the PDF in Acrobat or Preview and grab it from the other 91 pages. However, since Evernote doesn't let me know what the page number is, I would still have to go through most of the 92 pages and compare page-by-page.
  2. I'm on the Mac Desktop app. There are no indications of a page number. In your bottom iOS example, does "8 x 61" refer to the 8th out of 61 pages?
  3. I have a 92-page PDF of scans with no page numbers that I've placed in a note. Is there a way to tell which page of the PDF I'm on when viewing the PDF within Evernote?
  4. I published a notebook, took the URL to Chrome and chose "View Notebook." Everything looked fine until I scrolled the list of notes to choose a different note in the notebook. The more I scrolled, the more notes disappeared until they were all gone. (Sometimes, it will leave a very few notes.) It worked fine in Safari. Fixes anyone?
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