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  1. +1 recurring reminders. A must for those of us using Evernote as a todo list manager.
  2. I would like sms notifications of reminders. Email notifications don't quite cut it. I am trying to use my Evernote as a todo list manager. I am a little dismayed to see that the above question was never answered after more than a year.
  3. Grumpy Monkey, it's the pale, bone-china UI. that is the big mistake here,I love everything else. It just LOOKS so much worse than the sophisticated greenish versions of before. Evernote's UI's of before were always pleasant and sophisticated to look at. It was a relief to look at a cooler, more colored IU than what many websites typically offer, also, it had a smart, sophisticated look to it. Now, that's all gone.
  4. I've always been happy with each successive update but this one has me flabbergasted The new UI really is unpleasant on the eyes. I honestly thought it was some sort of error or malware because of the preponderance of white. When I started reading this forum I realized this was a new design. I'm stunned with disappointment. You almost need sunglasses to look at this!
  5. Please help guys! I am unable to do anything in my wiki without others coming behind me to erase the inserted code that is left after every post.
  6. First of all Michael, I'd like to thank you for providing so many excellent online resources for learning to use Evernote. Any video or article by you always commands my attention, 'cause i know it'll be good. I started learning about Evernote about 10 days ago and I feel like a a Spaniard who stumbled into Eldorado or something, so much fun have I had. Right now I'm looking around for information on how to best make my daily Evernote journal entries open to the public. Sounds like the definition of "blog" doesn't it? For someone like me who is not very familiar with HTML or sophisticated formatting techniques, what is the simplest and best way to start out sending my journal entries to Wordpress?
  7. This was going to be my question, whether or not capitalization of words and tags etc. affected later searches. You just answered it.
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