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  1. Check out Nozbe. I keep projects there, and name them #projectname in my tags in Evernote. Nozbe finds all notes tagged with the project name, and also allows for context (AoR) within it's app, so no need to try and manage it in Evernote. You can also mark an item within a project as a "next action". Pretty cool, and a nice interface, too. It's not a perfect system, but it's made me pretty happy. I continue to adapt it to fit my needs, and I find that each revision of my system involves some sort of simplifying. Keep it clean, rely on search, don't overtag, and give Nozbe a try. That's my two cents. Nozbe is free, but I've upgraded to the paid version since I use it so much. The link in the first sentence for Nozbe is a direct link, not an affiliate one. If you're cool with it, feel free to use this one which is an affiliate link to go to Nozbe which will allow me to slowly build my empire and retire on my affiliate earnings... or maybe just afford better beer.
  2. Even when using stacks, I find I have to prefix the stack name to each notebook located within it, as Evernote web clipper for Chrome doesn't show stack names when clipping. I have been clipping to INBOX much more frequently lately, and then sorting at the middle and end of each day, so maybe if this works out I can avoid the above issue, or maybe it will be addressed in a future release.
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