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  1. If I understand you correctly and the Android approval stream is faster, why not release them first? I would think it would be the iOS which took longer to release.
  2. Why does it seem that everything comes to iOS first? Hello? Food? Peek? Moleskine notebook? Penultimate? Why is that??
  3. How do you make a shortcut? Is this on desktop? Android??
  4. I have one notebook called Food & Nutrition, which includes recipes with tags like courses like "dessert" and "pasta" and foods like "chicken" and "chocolate." I also have articles on cooking as well as my notes on best ingredients to buy here. It occurs to me that my next best step would be to scan my recipes on index cards!
  5. This is a limitation of google, not EN. You have to cut/paste the link into a browser window, hit Enter, and the note launches. Works with Chrome and Firefox; don't know about others. Thanks so much for the info!!
  6. I tried to use a note link in my gmail calendar in the Description category and the link wasn't recognized. Why was that??
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