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  1. Please add the ability to automatically view HEIF format photos in Windows desktop. Very inconvenient to not be able to view attached photos. In the past, this was one of the best features of Evernote.
  2. Evernote, please add the ability to automatically view HEIF format files in Windows.
  3. I was thinking about posting that this issue appears to be resolved and dead because I had not experienced it for several weeks. Unfortunately this was wishful thinking. It is back on my iPhone 5 and now I have about half a dozen unsynced notes. All photos. The bottleneck is a note with only 5 attached photos. I am not a tech guy, but it seems like the issue here is a configuration or setting on the Evernote end that needs to be tweaked. How can it be so complex/difficult? This is fast turning my favorite app into my most frustrating.
  4. Problem still not fixed. It seemed to be ok for a while about a week or so ago, but today is as bad as it ever was. Very frustrating.
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