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  1. Add my voice to those who would really the option of being able to sort notes and stacks manually. It's a feature that has been missing for years, and I say this as an Evernote Premium users of many years with 10,021 notes and counting. Yes, I know about the various workarounds using reminders, title names, tags, one-note-as-TOC, etc. I periodically come to the forums to learn about new things in Evernote and people's clever ways of using it, and I also often search for how to do manual sorting. There are plenty of postings where people discuss one technique or another, but none are the same thing as being able to order one's notes and notebooks directly by putting them into the desired order in the note views and notebook views. The fact that people have to resort to various hacks should be enough to indicate that manual sorting is a desirable but missing feature. Judging from some past forum discussions about this topic, some people will feel compelled to reply asking me why I want this feature, or lecture me that it's unnecessary, or helpfully point out one hack or another to achieve it. That won't be necessary. I would like this feature in Evernote because I believe it would make it easier and more intuitive for me to organize my notes, based on my experiences. I know workarounds exist but I find them unsuitable. If they work for you, great! But they don't for me. There does not seem to be a way to request features from Evernote directly anymore, and based on what I've read in the forums, it seems like posting to the forums is the way to make our requests heard. That is my only purpose here. I know the company that makes Evernote is not obligated to implement every snowflake feature that people request. I'm not complaining that the situation is a deal-breaker for me. I'm only trying to say "I'm another long-time user who would like this feature because it would address a long-standing problem for me".
  2. I had the same question for a long time, and came up with the following hackacious way to change the focus: 1. command-option-2 to switch to the list of all notebooks 2. command-option-1 to switch to the "notes" view (which brings you back to the current notebook if you don't select anything else at that point) I defined a Keyboard Maestro macro for this and it works reasonably well and very quickly, though there is a momentary flash when it switches to the notebook view and back again. However, in testing this against the suggested command-opton-F approach, I find the command-option-F approach slightly less disruptive, so I changed my macro to do that instead. Thanks again!
  3. As an idea for another alternative, what if you open a PDF in an app such as GoodReader, and then annotate the PDF in GoodReader? (Or another similar PDF annotation app.) This would let you keep the PDF in Evernote as attachment to a note, and write notes directly on the PDF, instead of having to jump back and forth between the note and the PDF.
  4. Are you certain? I have no problem with the searches indexing the titles. It all seems to behave correctly for me. I create a note called test, I search for test, and there it is Very interesting. I did some more tests, and in fact you're right, it does search the titles; what confused me is that Evernote highlights matches in the body, but not in the title. I have multiple notebooks of 2000+ notes each, and most notes also contain the words from the title in the body, so the behavior made it seem as though it wasn't matching the titles (because it only highlighted the body matches, never the ones in the title). I should have created a clean test case, like you did. Thanks for clarifying that.
  5. I just came to the forums to search about the same topic, and found this thread. I, too, find that Evernote on the Mac (version 5.0.5) does not search the titles of notes unless I use the intitle: keyword. By default, it only searches note contents. The behavior is 100% consistent for me. According to the Evernote for Mac User Guide, "If no advanced search modifier is found in a search term, it will be matched against the note as a text content search. Words or quoted phrases must exactly match a word or phrase in the note contents, note title, tag name, or recognition index." (Emphasis added.) So, the behavior that I'm seeing disagrees with this description. In case it's relevant, I'm running Mac OS X 10.8.2. (Edited later.) Not true after all; see below.
  6. Thanks for your reply. You must be right. I don't know why I thought it used to behave differently. I definitely wish it did full-text search. I've started looking at EagleFiler and DevonThink for this reason. Are there other similar software notetaking/clipping/database applications that people suggest looking at? Thanks again, Mike
  7. Can we please get a customizable keyboard shortcut facility for the clipper for Safari on Mac OS X? Thanks, Mike
  8. I'm using the latest Mac desktop client (5.0.5). When I search for text in my Evernote database, whether using the search bar or find-within-note, Evernote never finds fragments of text inside other words. It always, and only, returns matches that are at the beginning of a word. For example, if I am looking at a note that contains the word "Evernote" and I search for "note", it will not match the "note" within "Evernote". This happens whether I'm using plain search (no operators) or using wildcard search. I haven't compared it to previous versions of Evernote, but I could have sworn that Evernote used to match within words as well. Am I doing something wrong? Did the behavior indeed change, or have I misremembered how it behaved before? Is there a way to do full-text search in Evernote 5? Thanks for any help.
  9. Can you explain how you are getting this to work? I'm using the latest Mac version and it most certainly is NOT searching within words or at the ends of words.
  10. I yearn for the same mouseless goal :-). I hope the Evernote Chrome extension developers will add keyboard shortcut support.
  11. Count me as someone with the same goal. I came here looking for a solution to the lack of a keyboard shortcut and found this posting...
  12. This happens to me too. I'm using Chrome 16.0.912.75 under Mac OS 10.6.8.
  13. I have the same problem. I tried the new clipper, and indeed, I have to admit it's much better now. I'd still like the clip-as-PDF option that used to be available (on Mac OS, anyway), but this is a big improvement. Mike
  14. When I use the "create note from url" capability of Evernote, the resulting note does not have the same formatting as if I use the clipper or contextual menu from the web browser. The note lacks the background and seems not to have elements of page formatting. Am I doing something wrong, or is it a limitation of "create note" from the AppleScript interface implemented by Evernote? If the latter, is there another way to create a note from a script such that Evernote would preserve the layout better? I'm using Mac OS 10.6.8, in case it matters. The AppleScript is trivially simple: tell application "Evernote" create note from url theURL end tell Thanks, Mike
  15. I also agree completely. It must seem like a small change, but the way the new clipper works (the pop-up and then forcing the user to click again on the "clip article" button) severely impacts its usability for me. It's drawn very slowly, and requires additional button clicks, and doesn't have the functionality that I miss most: the ability to get a single-page PDF of a web page, like the old clipper could do. I read somewhere else that API changes made it impossible to implement in Safari 5.1, but this can't be entirely true: DevonThink can do it, and Paparazzi can do it, so there must be a way. The advantage of the PDF-based web clipping is that it preserved everything about the web page being clipped: the layout and the background. The new, non-PDF clipper doesn't do it, and for many pages I encounter, the page layout is altered in the resulting clipping. If the DevonThink plug-in can do it, why can't Evernote? I hope the Evernote developers are listening and can work on returning the functionality of the old clipper. Thanks, Mike
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