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  1. Add my voice to those who would really the option of being able to sort notes and stacks manually. It's a feature that has been missing for years, and I say this as an Evernote Premium users of many years with 10,021 notes and counting. Yes, I know about the various workarounds using reminders, title names, tags, one-note-as-TOC, etc. I periodically come to the forums to learn about new things in Evernote and people's clever ways of using it, and I also often search for how to do manual sorting. There are plenty of postings where people discuss one technique or another, but none are the s
  2. I had the same question for a long time, and came up with the following hackacious way to change the focus: 1. command-option-2 to switch to the list of all notebooks 2. command-option-1 to switch to the "notes" view (which brings you back to the current notebook if you don't select anything else at that point) I defined a Keyboard Maestro macro for this and it works reasonably well and very quickly, though there is a momentary flash when it switches to the notebook view and back again. However, in testing this against the suggested command-opton-F approach, I find the command-option-F a
  3. Can we please get a customizable keyboard shortcut facility for the clipper for Safari on Mac OS X? Thanks, Mike
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