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  1. Add my voice to those who would really the option of being able to sort notes and stacks manually. It's a feature that has been missing for years, and I say this as an Evernote Premium users of many years with 10,021 notes and counting. Yes, I know about the various workarounds using reminders, title names, tags, one-note-as-TOC, etc. I periodically come to the forums to learn about new things in Evernote and people's clever ways of using it, and I also often search for how to do manual sorting. There are plenty of postings where people discuss one technique or another, but none are the same thing as being able to order one's notes and notebooks directly by putting them into the desired order in the note views and notebook views. The fact that people have to resort to various hacks should be enough to indicate that manual sorting is a desirable but missing feature. Judging from some past forum discussions about this topic, some people will feel compelled to reply asking me why I want this feature, or lecture me that it's unnecessary, or helpfully point out one hack or another to achieve it. That won't be necessary. I would like this feature in Evernote because I believe it would make it easier and more intuitive for me to organize my notes, based on my experiences. I know workarounds exist but I find them unsuitable. If they work for you, great! But they don't for me. There does not seem to be a way to request features from Evernote directly anymore, and based on what I've read in the forums, it seems like posting to the forums is the way to make our requests heard. That is my only purpose here. I know the company that makes Evernote is not obligated to implement every snowflake feature that people request. I'm not complaining that the situation is a deal-breaker for me. I'm only trying to say "I'm another long-time user who would like this feature because it would address a long-standing problem for me".
  2. I had the same question for a long time, and came up with the following hackacious way to change the focus: 1. command-option-2 to switch to the list of all notebooks 2. command-option-1 to switch to the "notes" view (which brings you back to the current notebook if you don't select anything else at that point) I defined a Keyboard Maestro macro for this and it works reasonably well and very quickly, though there is a momentary flash when it switches to the notebook view and back again. However, in testing this against the suggested command-opton-F approach, I find the command-option-F approach slightly less disruptive, so I changed my macro to do that instead. Thanks again!
  3. Can we please get a customizable keyboard shortcut facility for the clipper for Safari on Mac OS X? Thanks, Mike
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