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  1. olintsmith

    ANSWERED Problems annotating in Sierra

    confirm this is *not* resolved for me in 6.10 Beta 2 available this morning
  2. olintsmith

    Evernote for Mac 6.9 Released

    PDF annotation seems totally broken in this version? I can't highlight after opening a PDF to annotate until I add text, and then I can only highlight on the first page... ETA: cf
  3. I love PDF annotation summaries. After adding several annotations to a long PDF, the annotation summary displayed in Evernote and Preview is incomplete: it looks like the annotations were rendered onto a very long 8.5"-wide page but only the center 11" of the long page was captured for the summary. You can see this in action here: https://www.evernote.com/l/AAJ173KdnxBAEZLImEkuJ5NRXFie25d8Unw It would be helpful for all of the annotations to be visible in this view. Thanks!
  4. This still seems to be true. No joy! As a command-line workaround -- I had a bunch of images taken in the same portrait orientation that I wanted to load; for me the right thing was (with the exif and ImageMagick packages installed from brew or MacPorts): exif --remove * (remove EXIF data so that Preview and Evernote will agree on the image orientation) mogrify -rotate 90 *modified.jpeg (to physically rotate the images; note that this is a lossy operation! Replace 90 with the number of degrees 0..360 to rotate the image.) You could use exif --tag Orientation --ifd 0 --set-value 1 instead if you didn't want to completely remove the EXIF data.