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  1. Are you using the latest version of the widget distributed as a separate app? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evernote.widget
  2. I take that as a feature request. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Hi Max, welcome to the forum. Unfortunately, we don't provide ETA. Also, my list is very [very] long, and tends to fill up faster every day.
  4. The problem with Skitch, is likely to be an issue with the Skitch app. We've sent them the details for investigation.
  5. first point - we haven't changed this behaviour. second point - you can still swipe, but it needs to start at the very left edge of the screen so it doesn't conflict with the scrolling
  6. We've improved the design in the latest release.
  7. The UI has changed on Phone, you can access settings by tapping your username on the home screen. Thank you for letting me know, I have updated the description.
  8. @thisismyname, this behaviour wasn't defined by our designer. I understand we may not like it. I thought I answered your other question: I'd suggest to be more specific about the issue, if that doesn't address your problem, so I can understand it.
  9. @mdalves, thanks for the feedback. That apparently happens on some phones and we are working on the issue. It seems that the horizontal scroll is blocked when reading large web clips. We'll continue working at making this UI faster and more efficient than the previous one. Your constructive feedback will help us do that.
  10. Sure, you can actually use the email here: android-preview@evernote.com Add in the title "space loss". I consider any formatting or character loss as data loss actually. Copy pasting to MS word, is probably another issue. I am only the mobile guy, but I can still speak about it to me colleague. PS: My name is Xavier. I believe it doesn't make me less of a comic guy, but probably more of the good guy
  11. @thisismyname, we are currently working at making the notebook navigation more compact. Vibration will be deactivated if the phone settings for Haptic Feedback is unchecked. what note viewing option is not available on the homescreen? The hardware menu option won't be supported on new phones, however we are investigating potential solutions to use it on current phones. @Mary F, you probably have a tablet. The design changes has mainly impacted the phone for the moment.
  12. @Alex Leonard: to set some notebooks as available offline use these following steps: go to the notebook list screen You will see that each notebook item has a grey triangle at the bottom right hand corner. Tap it to display more option for this notebook. Select Enable Offline Sync. Long tap will enable multi-selection soon, this is the new guideline for ICS. This triangle item indicates that more option are available.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. It is unfortunately difficult to please everybody with any UI changes. The reason why we used this "peek" state is because it has become a kind of a standard used by other applications such as facebook and path. It also makes the swipe easy to discover. Now, I understand that it makes the graphic design a bit unbalanced on the home screen. We'll continue working on finding better solutions which would be both usable and aesthetic.
  14. @brihanrohan, thanks for the feedback, we'll continue working on improving the navigation @JoshKing, we have focused on redesigning the phone first, but a redesign of the tablet is on our list.
  15. I would need some more info about the following issue. Ideally, the device used, the version of Android, (the version of Skitch), and also a video showing the issue. - Pinch to zoom / text wrapping broken - conflict between swiping and scrolling within a note - integration with skitch is broken That would be very helpful to fix them shortly. About the offline notebook selection, we've actually planned to get it back shortly. We had to remove it temporally because of the changes on the notebook list. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  16. @Coach Wade, sorry to hear that you lost some of your data. As product manager, I am more to blame than our developers. I don't remember replying to this issue, I remember one about missing tabs that we addressed. If you want to send me a note that would lose space when edited on Android, I would be happy to look into this problem. In the meantime, for our premium users, there is a way to revert undesired changes and access the revision history. That can be useful for this kind of situation.
  17. Thanks all for the feedback. We will have a look at pinch zoom to see how to fix it or provide a workaround. We are still working on improving the performance, we'll have a look at the notebook list scrolling. Offline notebook settings has been moved but it is still acessible: from the home panel, your username, tap setting, tap sync. Thanks also for the other remarks, we will consider them for the next releases.
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