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  1. Thanks for the feedback Tangoblue. That's in our backlog. I added your comment to document it further.
  2. Thanks, That's probably something you'd want to post as a separate topic since it doesn't related to the new stuff in the beta. That could be overlooked.
  3. Thanks Rfpc Thanks for the idea and the info. We'll look at that and some variations on the type of link. To us, it happens rarely. We are still trying to locate the problem. It's a sneaky one. We know the source of the problem for this one. Still need to fix though. We will be working on it. True. Please let us know if the keyboard unintentionally pops-up for other reasons. We should be able to read the note comfortably. Thanks, That's a known issue of our team. We change the structure of the app and it impacted the navigation. We'll fix that before it ships.
  4. Thanks Sheanon, The behavior you describe is similar to bullet and number lists. Our checkboxes are currently more of "insertions", like images, than "lists". It's actually a bit of an hybrid. That's probably something we'd need to change across all apps. Creating checkbox list seems a stronger use case than inserting single checkboxes in text, so that would make sense. This is in our product backlog. We don't give estimated time. Except for the developments we've started, most of the things keeps moving. We'll tell people when this is available in beta, potentially when we start working on it for feedback / clarifications on the need.
  5. Hi folks, For those who are concerned about editing a note by mistake, could you possibly share more details about the use cases? When did this happened to you, what did you do, what was the note, the notebook, the content .... This would help determine how big of an issue this is. It would also help coming up with the best solution. Thanks, Xavier
  6. We'll take care of tablet after phone is ready. Tablet is a bit more complexe since we need to allow editing in the right panel.
  7. Thanks, that's useful. We're looking at that. We currently autosave the note content any time you leave the note. That's to avoid losing content. I believe we display this even though the note hasn't changes. It shouldn't trigger the sync in this case. We'll see what we can do to make this clearer.
  8. Thanks all, those are points worth discussing about. I take note that some are worried it would be too easy to mistakenly edit a note with "tap to edit". The edit button was a way to avoid this. Suggested options are: - add back an edit button - add an option to activate or not tap to edit We'll look at that. About the links I'll need your help on this one. Here are the steps I tried: create a new note, paste a URL, tap on the link > the web page opens save this note, open again, tap on the link > the web page opens too Could you maybe describe your problem the same way so I understand it?
  9. "Tap to edit" means to there is only 1 mode to view and edit, and instead of tapping the "pen" button, you can tap the section of text you want to modify. This should make the editing flow faster. We also improved a lot the rendering of the note itself. All styles available on desktop should now be supported. This includes content in tables. What was in "read only" should remain "read only". Let us know if you notice a difference, that would be a bug. We may consider adding some kind of "lock" in the future to avoid editing mistake if this something needed.
  10. Thanks Gazumped. Updated the link. Click here to open the instructions.
  11. Thanks for the feedback James, About the resolution issue. This doesn't sound right indeed. I added this request on our list so we can have a look at what we can do. We may have some memory constraints to deal with which may explain this behavior. About the UX recommendations. We should work soon on the image previewer and we'll consider your feedback.
  12. Hi All, I wanted to let you know that we've started working on improving the cross-platform editing experience. We are adding native editing support for every styles offered on other clients (includes horizontal rule, tables, encrypted text ...). Hopefully, the "web editor" should not occur unless you try to edit something really complex such as a web clip. It will be available in beta soon. https://plus.google.com/communities/104510054128618368971 Thanks.
  13. We usually try to focus first on what makes sense on phone and tablet. Since the desktop UI is larger, most users do their housekeeping task there. A phone screen doesn't provide the best experience for some of those tasks.
  14. Coming soon We are working on it and it should be soon available in beta.
  15. We've started some deep refactoring work on the editor, and hopefully the experience will keep improving in the next releases. Feel free to join the beta program if you want to get the latest updates.
  16. @Rfpc, thanks for reporting, this sounds like a bug. @deffnull, thanks, that's indeed not really what we intended. We'll see what we can do. @markyp, we will start testing on kitkat, thanks for the heads up @indrex, the experience for edit vs view changes depending on the app providing the service. It may not make sense on quickoffice indeed, but may on other apps.
  17. Hi all, We've updated the recognition library on the latest beta update. The performance of the camera should be improved considerably. It will be available for all soon. Thanks.
  18. 3M post it are not supported yet. We'll start working on it soon.
  19. Hi Panzerkampfwagen. We are working on it. It should be available shortly.
  20. Hi All, Since this release was mainly about "Evernote Market" and this shipped across all our client, I actually didn't announce it on the forum. That's now fixed with this thread. Please share here any feedback you may have about our 5.4.x releases. In our 5.4.2 fix, we mainly polished up a bit Market. We moved it to the bottom of the list and grouped it with Premium and Explore Evernote so it doesn't get in your way when navigating. We also added an option to show/hide some optional navigation option to make this list a bit less busy. Thank you!
  21. There is not for the moment. We made the assumption that people wouldn't use reminders on Android if they didn't want a notification. It's added to the wish list, thanks for the feedback.
  22. Thanks a lot for the feedback. I think that most comments make a lot of sense, and we will be working on readjusting the design.
  23. Hi Dougie, Notes shared by others (in joined notebook) don't appear in global search results and the All note list by design. I believe this is also what happens on IOS. They appear in a context search in the specific notebook for now. However, you should see the notes you shared with others in both All Notes and a global search result. If that doesn't happen, it is most likely a bug. Please file a request to our customer support so we can get the info to help you, I don't experience this problem on my end. http://evernote.com/contact/support/ Thanks.
  24. Thanks, that's the expected behaviour since the unlock concerns only the editing of attachment from Evernote.
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