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  1. Hi Xavier


    Have you had any luck with the memory issues I have been having.

    Evernote is now taking up just under 1/4 GB on my phone now!!





    I believe that the solution we found for now is to add a clear cache action to free some memory. 

    We haven't started the development yet, and we'll let  you know here when we do. 

    In the meantime, if this is critical for you, you should be able to sign out, select the clear cache action, and sign in again. 

  2. Also, after joining the plus plan I was thinking that my notebooks have been saved offline. Alas I had to see that a hidden option is available for this in the notebook view... On my iPad's EN it's in the settings where I'd assume it would be there, too on my BlackBerry's EN...


    The navigation is indeed quiet different between the 2 apps. 

    We try to keep it as simple as possible and use the guidelines of the platform. 

  3. There is nothing more frustrating on having a note app that you spend your time writing and comes up losing everything you did...

    This happens a lot to me on Windows Phone, and in fact I just lost a important note because I made the mistake to write it directly on Evernote, I don't know if it's just me, but this happens with me on others devices (The one I lost just now was on Evernote Touch but what I most use is the Windows Phone version).


    We must write notes first on notepad or other place and then paste on Evernote just to be sure not to lose any data?

    The premise on a app that stores data and share it between devices and the cloud is to not lose it, right?


    I used to be a huge fan of evernote, as I really need a good app for my notes and I never found a good one. Evernote is the first on the list and I still use it after using like dozens and dozens of other apps, none good like Evernote. Sadly this kind of issues makes me hold recommending the app, even though I really like it.


    Sorry if I sounded a little upset, no intention to harm or offend, just to match the feedback the way I felt in the moment... And thanks for the responses, every topic on the community I saw was responded trying to solve the issue.

    I know the hard time for QA and support teams, nice job!


    Thanks a lot for reporting this problem Atempel!

    I totally understand your frustration, and I feel very sorry that you lost some of your notes. 

    This is a terrible experience and we really want to tackle that as soon as possible. 


    We received other reports of note loss, unfortunately we usually lack information for our engineering team to reproduce the problem, find the cause and fix the issues. 

    Would you be open to collaborate with us directly? 


    Also, do you remember under which circumstances you lost a note: 

    - creating a new note 

    - editing a note 

    - offline or online 


    - you saved by: 

    -- tapping the arrow button 

    -- leaving the app 


    - the note was: 

    -- in a personal notebooks 

    -- a shared notebook 


    Any other details that you may remember? 

    This would be a top priority for the team. 


    Thanks ,



  4. It's best I try to record a short video using another phone.

    BTW, how long before any major Evernote release (including rewritten engine parts), beta or not? Any rough estimate?


    We can't release this until Windows Phone 10 is live. 

    We don't have an ETA for this, but most likely this year, in a few months. 

    We may release in beta before this date for users running the developer preview. 

  5. Have to be honest here, out of speeding up the opening time and adding reminders I'd choose reminders every day (and twice on Sundays!). Simple reason? Stuff can ALWAYS be sped up.


    The speed of app opening is not a comparable metric to a feature like reminders and although I'd like the app to be faster to open I'd much prefer additional functionality when it 'is' open...


    I'm wondering if new features can always be added too... 


    Anyway, as previously said, "reminders" are being improved, and we'll wait for the new specs before we do something on Blackberry so we don't have to update it right after the launch. 

  6. Any update you can furnish?

    I have a surface 3, so the ability to annotate PDF's using a stylus and touch screen is very important.


    Annotating PDF's in the desktop version doesn't work nearly as well as touch-optimized PDF readers like Reader. 

    • pdf's take forever to load in annotate view
    • there is no way to properly full screen view it
    • the interaction of scaling and a HD screen means that text is blurry in evernote desktop (as opposed to Reader where it is crisp)
    • it routinely flashes error messages and won't save annotations, any annotations that I've made are unsaveable.

    very frustrating.


    About porting the code to make Evernote Touch a universal app, this was delivered a few weeks back and it's now live on the store. 

    The team is now working on supporting this release, identifying and fixing bugs. 


    About next features, we are still working on prioritizing what's coming up next. 

    top items are: 

    - finalize porting of windows phone experience on windows universal 

    - reach feature parity between phone and tablet (includes checkbox, live tiles and more)

    - support windows 10 

    - create responsive UI for both phone and tablet (win modern app)

    - reach feature parity with other Evernote apps (includes annotation, workchat and more) 

    We'll let you know here when we start working on something. 


    For any feedback concerning the Windows 32 app, I'd suggest to post them in the related forum

    I took note of them in our own list though. 


    Thank you!

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  7. @Xavier_ With the new version now available on Blackberry World. Will there still be a focus on developing the Blackberry app to add the additional functionality to bring it in line with the Android / iOS versions, with further betas to released in the short term.  


    Or has focus shifted to other platforms for a while?


    The same team is still working on the BB app, and we're preparing a new update that should be available shortly. 

    It will fix a crash when searching within a shared notebook.

    We are also going to add some analytics in the app to help prioritize the roadmap. 



    Once we're done with the small improvements supporting this release, we'll continue delivering betas.

    On top of the list for our existing users, is improving the app launch time that we believe is still too long.

    That requires a pretty significant change of the technical architecture.  

    We would also like to continue catching up with the other apps and add Saved Searches and the ability to attach all kind of resources.

    The analytics will help make sure that this will indeed help improve your experience.  

  8. Recently Evernote Touch was upgraded. After the upgrade I cannot Share anymore trom other programs. When I want to share something, and choose Evernote Touch, Evernote Touch appears with a Share button. When I hit the share button It changes Colors (White/black) but It does NOT start the share action. It does NOT work anymore. I have tried to install Evenote Touch again, disabled sharing, enabled sharing ets etc. Nothing helps. Anyone any idea?


    Thanks for the report Adrie. 

    The team is working on this problem. It should be fixed soon. 

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  9. I've reported issues involving tag tree view some time ago. They are still present, with addition of hampering the functionality of the 'new note' pinned tile. I think with the tree view enabled the action ends up at the home screen instead at a new note edit screen.


    We're not changing much on Windows Phone for now. 

    As soon as WinPhone 10 is available, we'll be able to beta test our on going beta version.

    Thanks for your feedback. 

  10. Hi there,


    I'd like to use Evernote touch for taking notes on another document. For example, I pin evernote to the right of the screen (narrow window) while reading a PDF that covers the left part of the screen.

    My problem: Whenever I stop writing something in the Evernote screen for a couple of seconds, the cursor will jump to the top of the note. Forcing me to scroll down again and again in order to continue writing. 

    This, unfortunately, makes Evernote unusable for my purposes.


    I do have the impression that the cursor jumps to the top whenever Evernote is synching as there appear a couple of dots at the top of the screen whenever the cursor jumps to the top.


    Please fix it! ;)




    Thanks for reporting this problem.

    I'll report this to the team. They may get back to you for further information. 

  11. I recently switched from Android to WinPhone and noticed there are a bunch of features missng.  I can't find a spec or a manual for the WinPhone version, is it not possible to send a webpage to Evernote on the Windows Phone?



    Hi there, 


    Evernote on Android has more features than Evernote on Windows Phone. 

    It has also some limitations due to the platform. 

    It doesn't support the "web clipping" as of now. 

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  12. Maybe I'm missing something, but has the option to add a 4-digit passlock been eliminated on the BB platform? I can't find it anywhere (premium user). Also, speed of launching the app hasn't improved over the previous build. It's still in the 40-second-plus range, and that's with 1 shared notebook containing 2 notes set up as a test. Number of non-shared notebooks is around 40, total number of notes ~4,100. Forty seconds sounds like a tiny amount of time but it can be a deal breaker for using the app if you're trying to quickly make a follow-up note at the end of a conversation.



    I don't think we changed the passlock option in this update.

    It should still be available from: 

    - pull down / settings / pin lock 

    I'll check this. 


    We haven't changed the speed of launching either.

    We did some improvements in the previous version that speeded up launch for small account (less than a thousand notes) .

    We want to do more which should launch faster larger account (thousands of notes).

    That's on the backlog as a high priority. We understand that we shouldn't wait more than 3s to launch the app. That would be the objective.

  13. Hi all, 


    Our latest version of Evernote for Blackberry, version 5.6 (build 816) is now available on the Blackberry store. 

    Here below is our release note.


    We hope you'll like it! 

    Should you have any problem or feedback with this update, please share it here.


    Thank you !




    Shared Notebook Support

    + Added ability to view, browse, edit, and delete notes within shared notebooks.

    + Introduced search within shared notebooks.



    + Significantly improved overall speed and stability of the app.

    + Updated the UI, removing duplicate action icons (in the note editor).


    Please Note

    + For existing Evernote users with a considerable number of shared notebooks, the first launch after installing. v5.6 may take several minutes longer than normal.

    + Access to Evernote Business notebooks are not supported by Evernote for Blackberry.


    It is really great that we have a native Evernote app for Blackberry. But unfortunately I can't use it because of the lack of tags hierarchy. I surprised that this feature is not in the feature list. Are there any plans to implement of nested tags?
    Now I forced to use Android app but there is one problem in it: I can't open PDF attachments. I have two ways: save attachments to a folder and then open them in a native PDF viewer or install Android PDF viewer (but this is the bad way for me).



    Out of curiosity, could you describe in which occasion you would need nested tags? 

    Is this manly to browse quickly your tag list? If so, that may be addressed by the item: 

    "Search tags when tagging a note" 


  15. Beta seems generally faster than the public release. But like many others above, what I would really like are more features. Checkboxes is number one, followed by tables, and handwriting support would be fantastic given that so many windows tablets have pens. Good to see some work going into this app though.


    Thanks for the feedback. 

    Checkboxes is currently on top of our list and the other features are also on our backlog. 

    The latest version of the app will also add: 

    - add attachment from the Note Editor 

    - audio recording 

    And the UI should be more responsive. 


    It was submitted to Microsoft for approval, and should be available in the coming days. 

  16. Thanks. Everything is working again.


    Just wondering if there are any further betas to test out or when the new version may be released to Blackberry World?


    We cannot do a new beta before the release, since some of the new things will need an update of the platform in production. 

    Always cautious with delivery ETA but the new version should be available in the coming 2/3 weeks. 

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