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  1. On 1/2/2016 at 10:16 PM, Tangoblue37 said:

    I would appreciate the ability to change the colour of font when using Evernote on an android device - sometimes having everything in a note in black makes it difficult to find the right section and color would really help. 

    As a side note,  more colour options in the highlighter would also be welcome. 

    Thanks for the feedback Tangoblue. That's in our backlog. I added your comment to document it further. 

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  2. Thanks Rfpc 



    For example, i might have a link with that says 'please refer to page 100'. The underlying hyperlink appears to get activated when I click on either of those letters, but not the spaces in between the words, if that makes sense. Then it will ask me to edit, bringing up the keyboard. Anyhow, this is my quick observation, I may be wrong about the cause.


    Thanks for the idea and the info. We'll look at that and some variations on the type of link. 

    To us, it happens rarely. We are still trying to locate the problem. It's a sneaky one. 




    That said it does come up with the warning about "Saving note in .....", but this has been addressed by Xavier.


    We know the source of the problem for this one. 

    Still need to fix though. We will be working on it. 




    I think that the main risk lies in the fact that the keyboard automatically pops up when it asks you to edit. tbh this is quite annoying behaviour since it happens 50% of the time when clicking on a link.


    True. Please let us know if the keyboard unintentionally pops-up for other reasons. 

    We should be able to read the note comfortably. 



    not entirely related, but if the beta editor is on and I go into a note, I cannot swipe the left menu to access the main menu (i.e. notebooks, tags, etc.). This wasn't a problem before... Anyone seeing this?



    That's a known issue of our team. 

    We change the structure of the app and it impacted the navigation. 

    We'll fix that before it ships. 

  3. Hi folks,
    You sent us a lot of feedback concerning our Note Editor on Evernote Touch. 
    This is the feature you use the most, and it had usability and performance issues. 
    We decided to fix it and offer a much cleaner experience.
    That’s a big change, and we need your help to make sure we’re not missing problems. 
    Would you like to give it a try (very) shortly? Bring more people in so we get more feedback. 
    We’d like to start shipping next week (before everyone is out of the office).
    Thanks for your help! 
    The Evernote Touch team 
    - stay focus while editing - we fixed the scrolling bug
    - open a url in a note - we added url detection
    - display note in full screen - we use a 1 column layout 
    - scroll only the note content - we fixed the screen scrolling bug
    - better looking notes - we updated the icons and the attachment boxes  
    - don’t save if there is not change - detection bug 
    - show notes by order of last updated - cross platform
    Please try to edit notes on multiple app (web, desktop app, other mobile app)
    Create long note with various types of attachments including photos 
    Test with both the hardware and the virtual keyboard 
    Download the package here.
    Please follow the steps here (between 5 and 10 minutes). 
    Contact us if you have any problem (see FEEDBACK below).
    - swipefrom the right, tap setting, customer services, send logs
    - then send the logs to our team by email: windows_touch_beta (at) evernote.com
    - our engineering team may get in touch with you for more details
    Other feedback:
    - add your comments in this discussion. Our team will regularly review your feedback and address your problems.
    - give information about your device (model, OS version) or just send your logs (see Crashes) so we can test in the same conditions as you. 
    - please note that we won’t give ETA for any requests since our plans keep changing overtime. 
    We can however confirm that it’s taken into account and give the heads up when we start working on it. 
    The team will focus first on new problems (doesn’t happen in 3.2.x) that cause losing content or a crash. 



  4. Similar to the windows desktop app.  I would like to be able to highlight a bunch of text in my notes and then press a button to make them all checkbox (todo) lines such that the carriage return delimits each task.


    This is much faster than adding a checkbox for each line.


    Thanks, keep up the good work.


    Thanks Sheanon, 



    The behavior you describe is similar to bullet and number lists. 

    Our checkboxes are currently more of "insertions", like images, than "lists". It's actually a bit of an hybrid. 

    That's probably something we'd need to change across all apps.

    Creating checkbox list seems a stronger use case than inserting single checkboxes in text, so that would make sense.

    This is in our product backlog. 


    We don't give estimated time.

    Except for the developments we've started, most of the things keeps moving. 

    We'll tell people when this is available in beta, potentially when we start working on it for feedback / clarifications on the need.   

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  5. Hi folks, 


    For those who are concerned about editing a note by mistake, could you possibly share more details about the use cases? 

    When did this happened to you, what did you do, what was the note, the notebook, the content ....


    This would help determine how big of an issue this is. 

    It would also help coming up with the best solution. 





  6. Hi all, 


    Sorry everyone for the crash that happened last week in the last update. 


    The 4.6.7 changed the version of your database to support the Trash. 


    There was a problem upgrading the database which caused an SQL exception and a crash. 

    This upgrade is managed by the store, that's why our team missed it before the release. 


    The team worked hard so 4.6.8 could be released within 24h.

    It upgraded your database so it can  be used by the new version of the app. 

    We also put a new verification in place to prevent this kind of problem from happening again. 


    We'll have a look at this problem with offline notebooks not loading. 

    Please use this thread if you see anything else not working correctly. 

    We'll do our best to fix those problems. 


    Thanks all!

  7. I setup the notebooks to download. But, it seems to be sort of frozen while downloading. I am using Wifi. Some notebooks are stuck at 0%, some at 3%, some at 97% and so on. I don't know if the feature works well. Also is there a way to know later if a notebook is available in offline mode?


    I'd recommend to contact our Customer Support. 

    You should be able to do it from the app. 

    That will give use access to your logs, and we may find what's blocking the down sync. 


  8. Btw. not entirely related related to maybe the latest build as much as it is related to Android in general, but I just got myself a new Nexus 6p with 5.7 screen and would love the tablet UI (since the screen is big enough and allows me to do more). Changing the DPI to below 200 / 250 doesn't seem to do the trick like it does with other apps.... any ideas?


    We'll take care of tablet after phone is ready. 

    Tablet is a bit more complexe since we need to allow editing in the right panel. 

  9. I create the note on my computer (previously a PC, now a Mac, but the result is the same). These are internal links to other notes by the way, not URLs. So I hold shift while adding an internal link to piece of text. Then I upload the note.

    In android, I switch on the beta editor and go into that note. Then clicking on the green link will most of the time result in asking me to edit rather than taking me to the note. However, there are occasions where it does take me to the note. I.e. it really is hit and miss with this.


    That said, even when it does work, it brings me to the next note, but then automatically saves my previous note. I can tell that from the message that pops up at the bottom. That is not ideal, as I think it means that it will reupload the note (which didnt need editing in the first place, I do this on my Mac) after being saved and just takes up time and upload data. Also, if an accidental mistake is made, it is automatically saved and I wouldnt know about it....


    Hard to describe, but this is the behaviour. As I have numerous links to other notes, it becomes a real issue.


    Btw although not happy about the changes, I do appreciate Evernote assistance and willingness to work on this. Hopefully a good solution can be found.



    Thanks, that's useful. We're looking at that.

    We currently autosave the note content any time you leave the note. That's to avoid losing content. 

    I believe we display this even though the note hasn't changes. It shouldn't trigger the sync in this case. 

    We'll see what we can do to make this clearer.  

  10. Thanks all, those are points worth discussing about. 


    I take note that some are worried it would be too easy to mistakenly edit a note with "tap to edit". 

    The edit button was a way to avoid this. 

    Suggested options are: 

    - add back an edit button 

    - add an option to activate or not tap to edit 

    We'll look at that. 


    About the links 


    Enabling the beta editor now doesn't allow me to click hyperlinks in Android and makes my notes very prone to accidental mistakes. This is just unacceptable really.


    I'll need your help on this one. 

    Here are the steps I tried: 

    create a new note, paste a URL, tap on the link

    > the web page opens 

    save this note, open again, tap on the link 

    > the web page opens too 


    Could you maybe describe your problem the same way so I understand it? 

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  11. Hi Karen,

    What do you mean by "tap to edit" ? I hope the ReadOnly mode isn't affected by this. See also https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/58454-how-to-make-a-note-read-only/



    "Tap to edit" means to there is only 1 mode to view and edit, and instead of tapping the "pen" button, you can tap the section of text you want to modify. 

    This should make the editing flow faster. 

    We also improved a lot the rendering of the note itself. All styles available on desktop should now be supported. This includes content in tables. 


    What was in "read only" should remain "read only". 

    Let us know if you notice a difference, that would be a bug. 

    We may consider adding some kind of "lock" in the future to avoid editing mistake if this something needed. 

  12. Hi, really liking this and I had a couple of questions/comments about the Windows touch app:

    1. I can't seem to pull up my saved searches, is that in there somewhere or has it yet to be implemented?
    2. Drawing.  I just want to draw on the notes, know what I mean?  Anything coming down the pipeline to allow direct inking on the notes?  Something that takes full advantage of the pen input?  Or at least something like you have in the Android app (which is just so great, btw)
    3. Bulk change reminders? (again like the Android app)
    4. Any options for sharing?  I know that there is a new sharing icon on some apps now, I was wondering if this is coming as well.

    Thanks for all your hard work!  I hope you continue to develop with Windows 10, it's just getting going.  


    Hi Sgman, 


    1. You're right, we don't have an entry point to access saved searches as of now, it needs to be added. 

    2. This is on our list 

    3. Can we bulk change on Android? Could you give me the entry point so I can have a look (and make sure I understand this correctly)?

    4. You found the entry point. You can share a note or a notebook. Maybe we should make this easier to find. 


    Thanks a lot for the feedback. 

    We'll let you know here when something is being developed. 


    Right now the team is working on: 

    - adding back auto detecting of URL in a note to create a link 

    - when sorting by "updated", use the "gobal" date and note the local one (when I last updated ... on this app) 

    - some other improvement to make it easier to report a problem to CS so we can improve the quality

  13. Hi Boosh, 


    When you install Evernote Touch, it will download the content for your note lists. 

    That's basically the note titles + thumbnails + tags so we can display the note lists for all notebooks you have. 

    When you open a note or create a new note, we will cache the content. 

    This can be cleared in the settings. 


    Touch should work even if you don't have connectivity (to some extents).

    You should be able to consult the notes cached on the device, and create new notes that will be sync later. 


    I hope that helps. 

  14. First off, I tip my hat to you for adopting the Metro/Modern design language when you first made this app for Windows 8.


    Given that Windows 10 has updated the design guidelines for Windows Store/Universal apps, I would love to see Evernote take advantage of the new look and feel for the new platform, perhaps using a 2/3 pane layout with colored titlebar and collapsible sidebar/hamburger menu button? I've seen good examples of this with the default Mail app and the Wunderlist beta app (I do like examples). Oh, and vertical instead of horizontal scrolling. Pretty please?


    Hi Danny, 


    We have that on the list. Something closer to the UI we currently have and Evernote Android for tablet and which would be faster to navigate. 

    Thanks a lot for the examples, it's always useful to illustrate a feedback. 

    I'll let you know when we start this here. We may fix some aspects of the current navigation first. 

  15. Hi Ian, 


    Yes, some requests are even older than this. 

    Adapting the app (tablet + phone) for Windows 10 is taking considerable time. It's a whole rewriting of the softwares. 

    That didn't help us getting things off our list. 


    We'll keep crossing things off the list. 

    If you have some references of nice reference of clipping / sharing experience to share, this may help us though.

    The main challenge with this feature is the discoverability. It's nice, but it's hard to find, and therefore not many people us it (and therefore it's not at the top of the list right now)

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