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  1. Is there any way I can export all of my notes to PDF format, and have each of those PDFs automatically be placed in a folder pertaining to their category?
  2. As those of you who have iPhones might know, Evernote has support for rich text...but not totally. Instead of allowing for multiple font sizes, the only things you can have on Evernote notes on the iPhone are section, subsection, paragraph, and blockquote. Now I can live with that. In fact that somewhat makes my life easier. Unfortunately, from what I see, those four options don't exist on Evernote for Mac. All I can find is a drop down menu to pick different font sizes. So if I make a note on Mac with headers (not sections but larger fonts), if I want to edit on my iPhone, I have to reformat the note, then make the section headers. Isn't there a way to just make section and subsections on the Mac?
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