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  1. I guess we'll have to leave it to EN to decide how different a direction and how complicated it is.
  2. Fair enough. I just wanted to point out that dismissing task management (where handling tracking of due dates and reminders is probably quite a bit of development) shouldn't necessarily mean discarding improvements in the current list capabilities. Don't throw the baby with the bathwater, as they say. With a bit of luck, EN may recognize that it's not exactly the same thing.
  3. Anybody knows if that feature will be included in Android soon (or am I missing it completely)?
  4. Not quite, really just a list, not task management. Due dates are an integral part of a task list, not of lists in the more general sense. I do mean something simple, so if the way I describe it sounds complicated, maybe others can offer different suggestions. In the end, I'm thinking of a way to improve simple lists such as groceries lists, reading list, wish lists, etc. It's doable as an in-text ordered list (which is what I do now), but I'm just thinking of ways to improve this particular sort of notes. I understand EN's decision not to support todo lists, but I wouldn't throw the entire idea of a list altogether. A sort of outliner is what I have in mind.
  5. Hi, One thing that's missing in Evernote for Android (as far as I can tell) but is feasible on the desktop application is to select multiple tags to filter notes. The tag screen on the mobile app could simply be a check-box list (maybe with the possibility of selecting only one by tapping on the tag name itself as opposed to the check-box). Thanks! Mr Gou
  6. I'd like Evernote to provide better support for lists. I understand the decision not to support task lists, but I think there's room for improvement on the current numbered list formatting in notes. In addition to number for prioritization, improved list management could offer: - a check-box to mark the item as complete; - delete all marked items; - an easy way to reorder items in the list, especially on mobile devices (e.g. dragging an item to a new position) - the capability to add tags to list items (not only to the entire list/note). Compared to task lists, these wouldn't require due dates and reminders. I think of such things as groceries lists, or reading lists. The latter provides a good use case: - mark a book as read; - delete all books in the list I've read; - reorder books I want to read; - use tags for litteraty genres In such a use case, due dates and reminder are unnecessary. I'm sure other users can come up with such simple and similar cases. I hope this suggestion helps! Mr Gou
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