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  1. I don't want to use encryption! I want to use EverNote features (which I couldn't do with encryption). I want better authentication. It's an easy fix and is a great benefit, IMO. EverNote could even make some money out of it by offering it to premium accounts only.
  2. A "simple" fix by adding TFA would enhance the security of the product. Is it on the EverNote todo list?
  3. I know there are no guarantees with an online account. I also know when the use of encryption is useful and when it isn't. TFA is not encryption. I'm not expecting it to be. TFA is a bit like having a front door with two locks. You might be daft enough to put 1 key under the door mat. The 2nd key is in your back pocket. The first key is useless without the 2nd key.
  4. I'd rather not use encryption with EverNote as I'm not able to search my notes with that on. I also want my notes in the cloud (not local). Adding Two Factor Authentication is an update to the login process. I realise a change to the login process could break a lot of clients, but the TFA feature could be off by default. Surely it's just a matter of time before some high profile accounts are hacked? The negative press would be quite damaging for EverNote. With TFA, that is much less likely.
  5. +1 Given the amount of sensitive info that people are encouraged to store in EverNote, surely this should be a priority feature? I know you can use encryption with EverNote, but that makes EverNote less useful.
  6. Google offers Two Factor Authentication for to login to Gmail: http://www.40tech.com/2011/09/11/secure ... ntication/ This is pretty useful and adds extra security to your account. As you could be storing a lot of personal information in your EverNote account over time, are there any plans to offer similar security to EverNote logins?
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