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  1. Quite OK, one could tag each "subdirectory" accordingly so notes of that level will show up when clicking on the tag. Drawback again: In a client visualizing the shared tag tree the hierarchy of the original is lost and not displayed. Also the introduction of tags by the co-users is not supported.
  2. It is, I made my mind up about that. I'm just trying to push the limits for greater acceptance by my colleagues where practicability within known concepts is an issue.
  3. Thanks for the proposal. You're right, flattening out the directory path into the title is a feasible workaround and probably my means of choice. Nevertheless it's a bit of a drag with growing complexity and only of moderate elegancy ;-). Just imagine a little adjustment in "directory structure" leading to editing all of the titles. Harald
  4. The drawback on tag structuring in flat collections is that you only see the immanent structure by searching and not by showing. If you want to share structured information, like projects/circumstances where the structure of presentation is part of the information itself a) it forces you to put all information/notes into a single notebook, because there are no overall tags once shared the structure within has to be outlined by a "keynote" or people won't know the structure inferred otherwise by obvious organisation This means that Evernote generally is more applicable for sharing collecti
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