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  1. Has anyone been able to make this work? I've tried multiple times on two different systems and user account with the same results. I select the add button, it tells me I will be directed to my inbox while the app installs and I end up being direct to the store and nothing installs. Mike
  2. Thanks. I was hoping it was some type of system to allow other users to know when a shared note was modified, is there anyway of know that?
  3. The new release notes show this feature but I can't find anymore information about this...does anyone know anything about this?
  4. Agreed, I've always loved EN but is seems to be bloat wear as of late. Always getting the dreaded spinning circle.
  5. I put a few music files in EN to share with a friend. I haven't ever used EN for mp3 files and was pleased to see that in my iOS apps (iPhone and iPad) they could be played directly from EN after being downloaded and they worked exactly as I expected they would. It was a bit different when I viewed them in the Windows EN app, the songs showed with a play button so my expectation was that they would function just as they did in the iOS apps but not so. First of all when you started play it took 15 to 20 seconds before the music would start, the progress bar would advance so it looked as though something was taking place but no sound until 15 to 20 seconds elapsed. The other think is that the tracks showed as much longer that they really are, a 4 or 5 minute track shows as 15 to 20 minutes. It counts down as you would expect from this big number (20:00) but then when the track is over it stops even though the countdown still shows a big number (15:00). Any ideas?
  6. "I do set the Creation Date to the date of the source document".....assuming this is something you must do manually?
  7. I do understand why you would do it this way and it was part of her argument also but what I told her is that I have found since using EN that I have been keeping FAR more information than I really needed for way to many years. Do I really need to access my cable tv bill from 2012? Her worry was similar to your situation, what if I need to find a gas bill from a certain time period? My comment to her was how often does that really happen you need that? Maybe once a year? She agreed maybe once a year, so I told her you could spend hours a year making a single bill easier to find or you could spend an extra 5 or 10 minutes once a year to find that bill. As you said everyone needs to find a method that works for them and no method is better or worse. Just wondering what others are doing.
  8. When I started scanning to PDFs many years ago I was very particular about giving my PDFs a useful title for instance "150202 OPPD Electric Statement" but the longer I have used EN the less I care about this, in fact I rarely edit the title of a note....it just is what it is. Recently I have been helping a friend go paperless, they have started by using the Scannable ap which title everything "Scannable Document". My friend is just starting to get the concept of EN but felt a need to change the titles to something more useful. I've told her it's difficult to do and a hard concept to grasp but just leave it alone, through the use of tags and searching you will quickly find anything you need. Am I leading her astray? Do you worry about note titles or just roll with it?
  9. I have been using EN for years and love the product. Until recently I had never used shared notebooks but have just started. I'm using one note in particular as a shared to do list with another person and I am wondering if it's possible to have any sort of notification set up when one of us makes a change? Also any notification possible when something is added to a shared notebook?
  10. I do most of my scanning on a Doxie scanner but have also been playing around with scannable a bit. Doxie offers and option to add a bit more useful title to a note, for instance "Doxie 20150202 4:59:22" or something like that. Basically a time stamp on the note rather than just the generic "Scannable Document" Would it be possible to add a bit more information to the title, or at least an option to add more?
  11. Trying to help a friend go paperless, I've used EN for years with a desktop scanner and have a workflow that works well for me. She doesn't have a scanner so trying to get her started using her phone. I had read about scannable but never used it so I suggested she try but now I am wondering if it's just and extra step? Any advantage to using scannable as opposed to just scanning from the EN ap?
  12. I really love the EN products., been using them for a few years and always appreciate the ease of use. One question I have is in regards to the iOS apps and getting back to the home screen. Many time I drill into a note and see what I want to see and end up leaving it there. The next time I use the ap that is where it opens to requiring me to back out of the note. Not a big deal but wondering if there is any one tap way to get back to the home screen on EN?
  13. I rarely visit the forum but came this morning to ask if anyone else was having issues with the Windows app and it appears I am not alone. I have 4500 notes and the program has become almost unusable, I am a premium user. Every selection I make brings up the spinning circle or or "not responding". I don't want to have to link to my PDF documents as that seems to mean I have to dumb down what I am doing because the program does not work as advertised.
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