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  1. I got it running on my workstation by copying over the Evernote Program Files (x86) folder from another 64-bit machine and restoring the exb file. I still get the bogus error message, of course, and there is no way to repair the installation, but at least I have some functionality on the workstation. I'll start manually inserting the appropriate Registry keys as I have time. Hopefully the next update will be a bit more solid and I can fix this correctly.
  2. Thanks, Wern: I initially uninstalled with Revo in its Safe mode, then just now went back and did a Forced Uninstall in Moderate mode: no joy, same message from the installer, which leads me to belive, now, that the installer is ga-ga. (Also, multiple reboots.) I'd also tried installing in Windows Safe Boot and Diagnostic boot, more no joy. There is nary a lick of "Evernote" in the Registry--I went through it manually.
  3. I have the same issue as Martin, above. When attempting to install the update, this message displays: Evernote was already installed by another user. Only one per-user installation is supported. An administrator can install Evernote for everyone after the per-user installation is removed. Foolishly (but with curiosity: Evernote was installed for all users by an administrator -- me), I uninstalled Evernote...and am now stuck with that message every time I attempt to reinstall. If there is a solution short of manually cleaning out the Registry, I'm all ears... Thank!
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