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  1. I've actually just recently launched an app for iOS on the app store. It does outlining similar to how WorkFlowy or TaskPaper do it, and in the next update (awaiting approval as we speak, ETA 1 week) it has full Evernote integration, letting you attach Evernote notes anywhere in your outline. In the future I plan on adding a feature to export an entire outline (starting at any "node") to Evernote. http://itunes.apple....29256?ls=1&mt=8 And here's a screenshot of what the Evernote integration will look like: I hope this isn't considered spam, as I think it's very relavant to this conversation. If it is, I can remove it, or if it would make a difference, post a bunch of promo codes so people can try the app for free.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe what is being requested is bookmarks or links within a note. I think it's tags. The user just the ability to tag sections of a note, vs entire notes. For example, if I clip an article from CNN into evernote I could highlight and tag any quote as "quote". Now if I search for the quote tag only the actual quotes from the article come up. If that's what's being requested, it IS how evernote uses the word "tag", it's just at a deeper level.
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