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  1. You lose two huge features with business that even free accounts have: 1. Noteback stacks can't be shared across teams. In other words, if you have a stack with 7 notebooks, and you share those 7 notebooks, other users just get 7 notebooks. Not only that, they can't even tell that on your end they belong to a stack. 2. Tags can't be nested either to my knowledge. So you just end up with a huge list of tags. Not sure about nested tags but there are notebook stacks in the Business version. Look at this video at around minute 4:
  2. +1 this has been an issue for months and the developer team doesn't really seem to care to give any info on when they are planning to fix it. Everybody can understand if you're having trouble fixing it, some bugs are just nasty. But don't try to fool your users, ignoring it and promising that you will fix it and then not fixing it for months will scare off your users... at least be decent enough to admit that it will take another couple of weeks instead of saying that you 'will fix it' and giving no further info although it's upsetting many many android users. I am really angry and frustrated because of this since it almost renders Evernote useless. When I'm not around a computer I have to create extra notes just to add their content to ones I initially wanted to edit later on. And usually when you have the best ideas you're not around your computer... 1) If this is going on much longer I will look for a product besides Evernote... just sayin' that I'm probably not the only one thinking like this... 2) Treat your users with respect or you will loose theirs. 3) I'm not disrespecting your work, I love Evernote, I'm just very unhappy with your approach to this issue!
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