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  1. This also works with highlights. I had a special note that is called "colored text feeder" Blue Red Green Purple Orange Blue Red Green Purple
  2. A sort of work around to get some colored text into EN... you will notice that if you create a note with colored text on a Desktop version (for me that's a mac) that colored text does show on the ipad (you just can't edit it, say from blue to red). But you can copy a piece of that text and paste it elsewhere in the note and it will retain it's color information you can continue to type in the same color. For example, it my note is generally 'black', but I have created 'blue' text on my desktop in the word 'iPAD'. If I copy the blue 'iPAD' elsewhere in the note, I can continue to type in blue immediately after the 'iPAD'... so I type 'Macs Rule'... it shows in blue, and then just delete 'iPad'. A little bit clunky, but workable. There are a few colors that I would like to have and use regularly, blue, red, green,... create a word in a special note that has a letter in different colors, copy that word from your special 'feeder' note and then you can type in different colors on your ipad. Not perfect, but do-able. hope this helps a few of you.
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