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  1. is it ironic that the article you point to has a Rate this article feature using stars? I understand the issue of adding this feature to all the platforms, but its one of those that most people who have not or do not know how to perform more than the basic search will want - i personally do not know how to create a search that will find 'notes with 3 or more stars' - maybe an article or two on how to get the most out of what is available would help me here - and before you ask i have not done an extensive search of the support pages yet - my reason is that I believe that software that presents itself as being the leader in the field should just work and be intuitive - if is does support higher functions than easy to find links and support articles should be readily available to help all people of all abilities to make the most of them. If you know of such articles on or off the Evernote website - please share. Dave
  2. Just to add my two peneth'worth - Stars are just a visual shorthand for a Tag - and therefore I don't see why they cannot or should not be incorporated. As I am sure many reading this can appreciate a visual aid is quicker and easier to spot than one tag amongst many. I collect articles on technical subjects such as Excel and Access database, and often end up with many that cover the same subject - and therefore have the same tags - it would be helpful to be able to rate the articles for future reference, so I concentrate on those that I feel are well written and explain the subject well (4+ stars etc) and only refer to the other articles for snippets and more arcane information. This would be where a separate comment field would be useful (e.g. Paragraph 3 contains information on Append Queries - rest of article only of minimal interest) - although I think the addition of highlighter tools as used in other apps such as Diigo would be helpful here also. I vote for star rating as a visual aid to help prioritise notes. PS - i dont think this should just apply for MAC - this should be for all Evernote APPS
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