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  1. @10gallonhat Thanks for sharing. What boggles my mind is that I’m constantly receiving emails about new features, when the very simple functions like sync are so broken. It’s easy to find threads like this on the forums, but Evernote doesn’t seem to care. I think I’ll start a new thread asking for alternatives to Evernote and migration steps. I filed a support ticket on this two days ago and no response — I’ve been a paying subscriber for 10+ years, so it’s not like I’m expecting support for free.
  2. I am a 10+ year Evernote user, and I am almost at my wit’s end. On both my iPad and my iPhone, I continually see sync issues. This happens almost 100% of the time with shared notes, even when I’m very careful to sync a note before editing, but it also happens frequently with non-shared notes. This is the case even when I create and edit a note only on one device, with other devices completely offline. Today for example, I created a note on my iPad, added a few lines of text, and switched to another app to check something. When I switched back to Evernote and added a few more lines of text, I saw the note conflict message. In addition to the frustration, there is no mechanism to determine what is “out of sync” without comparing the notes line-by-line. I have filed numerous support cases over the last several months (year?), but each reply comes back with a “working as designed” response, or a request for a long set of reproduction steps, error log and screenshot captures, etc (despite that I check the option to share the logs when I submit the case). Evernote has never been perfect, but it has at least been functional once I learned its quirks. Over the past year or so, it has become almost unusable, and I am exhausted from being “Customer QA” and from losing information. I thought I’d post this here to see if anyone on this forum has a better answer than the support team. Otherwise, I’ll be dropping my subscription to Evernote in favor of something (anything) else. At this point, I’ve lost too much important information and spent too much time trying to debug the service to continue using it as-is.
  3. I have this same issue almost daily, although I don’t use the web client. I see it between my Mac and IOS devices, and it often results in multiple conflicting copies of the same note. I even see conflicts when I edit a note on my ipad, move to another app, and then come back to evernote — and yes, my other devices are offline. I filed yet another support case about this today.
  4. Hi, I would like to know how to disable the “Home” view on IOS devices. I find the home view not only worthless, but it now takes two steps to get back to the view that I use on my MacBook, with the notebooks on the left side of the window and selected note on the right. Unfortunately, it seems every update makes Evernote worse. I would really like to go back to the old functionality. I don’t care if the codebase or framework is updated — I just miss the simple usability that is now gone.
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