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  1. @csihilling that's exactly the issue. When traveling (which I do for a good part of each day) I use Evernote in my tablet to edit and create notes. When I get back to my office/home I have to remember to get my device, unlock it, open up Evernote and manually sync my notes. I have to do this every time I leave/return to the office/home. This issue is exacerbated by the fact that when I edit a note on my computer that has already been edited by my tablet the note will be corrupted during the sync and no warning will be given to the user that there was a note conflict (but that's not the iss
  2. So after many hours of testing and back and forth with their support developers I have come to two conclusions: 1. Push notification sync works from the Evernote server to the iOS device if you have ALL the notification toggles set to on (turning some off can mess with this). If this isn't working, try deleting Evernote from your iOS device and reinstalling from scratch. That fixed this issue for me. 2. Background two-way sync from the device to the server is NOT implemented for iOS as admitted by their support staff after many hours of my personal testing of this feature. Below
  3. I have several generations of iOS devices (iPad 3, iPad mini, iPhone5) and this seems to be systematic no matter what the OS or hardware. Background app refresh has been available for some time on iOS and IMHO this is something that needs to be addressed by the Evernote team. I have other non-Apple apps (i.e. Downcast, etc.) that background sync without any issues, so it's not a case of my device not supporting backgrounding or something being misconfigured on my device. Issue #1 Test: 1. Open Evernote and force refresh on all devices. 2. Turn off/sleep devices all continuously co
  4. I have tried the latest release of Evernote Windows (276665) and the issues I had with the bullet cut/paste have been resolved. Thanks for addressing this issue, it's a great help to productivity.
  5. Here is an example that happens to me all the time. All I want to do is re-order my bullets but that's not possible in EN without reformatting from scratch. Bullet 1Bullet 1Ax Bullet 2Bullet 2ABullet 3Bullet 3AIf you highlight all the text in red and paste it where the 'x' is you get the following. The pasted text is double bulleted and the Bullet 2 has no bullet point anymore but is indented. (hoping the photo comes through because I can't actually make this happen in this window). Ok, so I'm not allowed to link or paste images into this community (You are not allowed to use that image
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