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  1. Wow, your information means a lot to me. Thanks very much! Besides using strong & unique passwords, I suggest we should consider changing passwords periodically as well. Although we are sure we generated strong passwords, hackers are smart and it is not easy to figure out how our passwords were stolen today. And I'm happy to receive notification emails for every single login for every service I am using now, which I felt so annoyed in the past... Again, thanks PinkElephant and Paul A. I feel relieved now.
  2. Thanks so much for helping me, Paul A. Your source helps me answer the second question: Access History stores logins' information for the past three months. Fyi, I immediately changed my password yesterday and now from your source I know that there's no login within 3 months. My evernote account is safe now I believe. What I do now is to try to prove that I was not being hacked. Any idea for the first question "Does evernote ever automatically revoke a device for some case, like re-architecting event, long time NO use, ect?" would help me feel more relieved. I haven't opened evernote app in my window laptop for 2 years and 10 months.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm trying to investigate if my evernote account was hacked (lots of sensitive stuff there) 'cause I discovered something strange in my account. I used to use evernote on 2 devices: an Android and a Window laptop. I NEVER opened evernote for more than 2 years until yesterday on chrome web. I did not unsync, sign out or revoke both the Android device and the evernote app on my Window laptop (I just did not open the app for a long time). However, when I logged in to evernote on Chrome yesterday, I saw that the Android device was still linked/synced to my account while the Window laptop was NOT. Here are things: 1. The Android device was reset several times after the last time I used evernote on that device and I did not reinstall. And to be clear again, I did not unsync, sign out or revoke this device before resetting. And this device is still linked/synced to my evernote account so far. So I assume that unless I manually revoke or sign out, the device would still be flagged as a synced device. 2. In case of the Window laptop, I never opened the evernote app from July 2018. Yesterday, I opened the app after 2 years and 10 months and the app is still logged in with my evernote account but keeps asking me to enter the password for syncing. This to prove that I did not sign out from my laptop. And this laptop is NOT linked/synced to my evernote account so far. So my question is "Does evernote ever automatically revoke a device for some case, like re-architecting event, long time NO use, ect?" If the answer is yes, it is really a huge relief to me! My second question is that the "How far does the Access History feature store logins info? Is it more than 6-9 months?" I don't try to blame anyone or anything, I just try to prove everything is alright. I was a victim of identity theft so I do know that my questions are some kind of anxiety disorder and I'm sorry for that in advance. I much appreciate any help/any answer or any hint from you guys. Thanks and thanks very much! (to moderator: please approve my post . really appreciate)
  4. Hello everyone, I used to use evernote on 2 devices: a window computer and an android device. It has been more than 2 years I haven't opened evernote (even web) until recently. Today I noticed that the android device is still listed as linked/synced device to my evernote account but the window computer is NOT. I'm sure I've never manually unsynced/revoked. I checked the window computer and learned that the account is still linked in my evernote window app and the app asked me to enter password to continue syncing. The last time I opened this app on my window computer is 2 years 10 months ago and the last time I used evernote on my android device is 2 year 6 months ago. Although I did not revoke access of evernote on the android, the android device was reset several times without me ever logging in evernote later on and is still listed as a synced device in my evernote account now. So my question is does evernote ever automatically revoke access from devices for some reason? I want to make sure there is no intrusion into my account for that long time (lots of sensitive stuff there...). I appreciate you guys help.
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