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  1. Hi there, thank you for the reply and your workaround. It's appreciated. I thought tags were just keywords to search by, but if you are saying no limit to nesting levels I must have not understood it properly. I'll read up on it. Just out of curiosity, why the restriction? If evernote is about note taking and organization and all that, what is the purpose of locking it down with restrictions. Since it wouldn't change the way people who use it as it is, it would only be an enhancement for organization freaks like me. If it's just a matter of wording, make a sub-notebooks or some such. No restrictions my friend DTLow...where are we? Communist China? ***** Germany? Give me nesting or give me death! In all seriousness, I appreciate your help. Thanks for your time.
  2. Hi there. Amazing product you have. Unless I'm missing something, I would love to have the ability to nest multiple notebooks. Like sub-notebooks For example: Notebook Stack: To-Do Work Job1234 On-Site Notes Off-Site Notes Manufacturing Job4321 On-Site Notes Off-Site Notes Manufacturing Home To-Buy Shoprite Costco Lowes To-Fix Kitchen Master Bedroom Thanks so much. I couldn't live without evernote. I use it on my phone, ipad, laptop, desktop. Truly a terrific product.
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