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  1. After typing short cut keys for web clipping, error message attached below shows. But clipping starts and it works. When I click clipping extension button, its message doesn't show. How can I erase it or is it bug? I use MacOS Sierra Ver 10.12.4, iMac Late 2013.
  2. Google Drive files can be open by clicking attached ones. But its way is not the best for Evernote. As we can look at PDF files without clicking them, Google Drive files are looked at and edited as the same way. I would like to look at and edit Google Drive files directly in Evernote. Evernote must be the first and the last window to show and let us edit our data.
  3. Web clipper works fine with error messages below. How can I solve it?
  4. In iPhone, links of Google Drive in Evernote will be open in Evernote app as web site. I would like to do it in Google Drive apps like Mac and PC.
  5. It is just wasting time to find out better service than Evernote but there are always few people who blame it without understanding it. So I suggest not to prepare to convince others but to let them to use as many service as possible. When they compare them, most of them will find Evernote the best. The most important point is that it is their choice, so they will be supportive when there are problems.
  6. Notes made by web Clipper always have titles in title section and note one. It is enough to have the titles only in titile section. It is kind to update web clipper to remove them in note.
  7. By Web Clipper, I would not like to save titles of articles in note content section. It is enough for them to be saved only in note title. If there are similar topics, I'm sorry.
  8. We can use SNS as our own memo of web sites. It's easy and fast to do. to use web clipping of Evernote is too. Which way is better to store info of web sites in the long term?
  9. Many people love the Christmas card. Can we send its message by email better than late mail? Maybe we who love digital tools are OK to get them by email, but many people aren't. Maybe because they feel that the message must be on paper to show the sender's mind.
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