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  1. Not sure what I've done wrong here. I used to be able to copy a note link and it would past evernote:///view/.……. Now it starts with https://www.evernote.com/shard/.... The difference between the two is that the first one access the note view my desktop EN. The second one brings it up on the web. I want the first one back, but can't figure out how to get it to work. Has something changed? thanks Christopher
  2. I was organizing some notes from my recent family vacation on the desktop version. I wanted to see what the note said for the location of that note. I'm not sure why, but I clicked on the arrow by the text of the location. I guess I was hoping it would bring me to a map or atlas view where I would see the location. Silly me. It overwrote the location of where I was at the time!! No!!! Undo didn't work. There was no way to fix my mistake. Thankfully I was somewhere with a very slow connection. It hadn't synced yet. I thought it was worth trashing all the unsynced edits in order to save the location information. So, I quite Evernote on the desktop and opened my web account. Made some edits there so that they'd re-sink. Opened the desktop version and I was "saved." Yes. I had some note conflict messages to deal with, but that's okay. Yes. I know. The process I described above doesn't seem like it's very rational, but it's all I could think of at the moment. Is there a better way? thanks Christopher
  3. iintiint I thought the "search" feature would do this. It doesn't. I know there's an iOS app out their being developed that will do this, but I thought the desktop version would. What are we missing?
  4. This is huge. How can he say it's the best work they've ever done when they have entirely removed a huge feature? I've inclined to go to the App Store and give it a 1 star rating. Not sure what good it would do though. They don't seem to be responding to this. Christopher
  5. My error seems to be different than the other syncing problems. Just started using the latest version of Skitch. (May have had an older version loaded on my iPhone and iPad.) I created an image and marked it up on a freshly downloaded new installation on my iMac. That image syncs and displays on in Skitch on the iPhone and iPad. It does not, however, show up in the Skitch folder in Evernote. By the way, I didn't create the folder manually. My other notes in Evernote are syncing. It's just Skitch I'm having issues with. And, there are no error messages that I can see. Thanks
  6. I have an iPhone 4. I've always been bugged with how slow it takes EN to get going. Guess I'm very impatient. I just love FastEver. Use it more on the iPhone. constantly jotting notes down and organizing them later in the desktop version of EN. Use the iPhone version more than the iPad specific FastEver XL. Personally, I think it's an extremely handy accompaniment to Evernote. Christopher
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