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  1. There is another workaround available for getting math into an EverNote note: Google Infographics math formulas -- see the page at this link: http://code.google.com/apis/chart/infog ... mulas.html This option has a lot of disadvantages, though -- between the potential server latency issues of dealing with the Google servers and the massive inconvenience of URL-encoding the TeX expression, it's just a pain to use. But since ENML does support the tag, it works. The Google charts server processes the TeX into a PNG image, which is included in the note with the tag. I still vote for MathJax installed on the EverNote server -- I'm just trying to give options until that happens.
  2. I have started using EverNote on the Android-based Toshiba Thrive. In particular, I use the accompanying Skitch app (and a stylus) to do handwritten notes during class lectures (I teach college math). I am still getting used to it, but overall I like it. Skitch has some features I need for lectures, like embedding images from the gallery (I pull in an image of a coordinate axis grid, then draw functions and other graphs on the grid). One thing I would advise you to watch out for, but this applies to any whiteboarding app -- be careful not to rest the heel of your hand on the tablet screen while you are writing. Skitch interprets that as a 2-touch event, which it uses for moving objects on the screen. Skitch is a good app for the handwritten notes, and EverNote manages the notes generated by Skitch (including uploading to the EverNote website).
  3. BTW -- even though I found a workaround (above) for getting MathJax to display in an EverNote note via the WordPress plugin, this doesn't really answer the problem of getting math to display in a note on the EverNote site. I agree with previous comments that MathJax is probably the easiest way to implement this. This can't be done by a normal EverNote user because ENML doesn't support a
  4. I found a way to display MathJax in an EverNote note -- but the trick is to display it in WordPress. WordPress has plugins for both EverNote (plugin is called EverPress) and MathJax. Set the EverPress plugin to link to a shared notebook in your EverNote account (and whatever other settings you want for displaying notes). When you want to include some MathJax in a note, you need to double-escape the LaTeX commands -- so, for example, instead of "\(\int e^x\, dx=e^x+C\)" in your note, write it as "\\(\\int e^x\\, dx=e^x+C\\)". Then when the note displays in WordPress (with the MathJax plugin), the LaTeX will be correctly typeset in the WordPress page. Until someone finds a way to get the EverNote site to actually use MathJax, this looks like the best option available.
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