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  1. I have found my notes in my seldom used gmail login. Not too long ago I received a notice from Evernote to verify my email address. I thought that it wouild be better to use my everyday email address so I changed it to my .net email. And, I thought that I should change my password also... Did I create 2 different accounts? Because I upgraded to premium Evernote with my comcast.net email and not my .gmail email. I would really like to have only ONE Evernote account with ONE email associated with it.... having all my notes from both accounts together and then I can see if I like the premium version of Evernote. Thank you for all your help. Robert L. R. *****@gmail.com /***@comcast.net
  2. I was changing my password and the confirm password dialog box had a very small box in it to check, 'revoke all previous sessions'
  3. It meant my last Evernote sessions of accessing the app. When I clicked on that box all previous sessions disappeared...including all of my notes back to 2016.
  4. I accidentally revoked all previous sessions when changing my password. Now all I have are old notes from 2012-2016. How do I get all my notes back from 2016-present?
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