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  1. Hi, my phone is running 8.0.0 no further updates available from LG. That explains lack of new Evernote updates, although one would have expected them to develop software that runs on a 2 year old phone. When I re-installed Evernote it ran fine for a few days until it automatically updated to 8.13.3 I forgot to mention that the 2 tool bars at the top of the note flicker on and off when I try to edit a note.
  2. Text disappears when I try to edit a note on Android LG G6 (Evernote v8.13.3). Have tried deleting and re-installing Evernote. Unable to update to latest version (greyed out) - why? PC version (10.17.8) now excellent (except for ridiculous length of time to open) but unusable on mobile, except for reading notes. This has been going on for some months, I had assumed an update would be release to resolve issue. Please help regards Graham
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