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  1. There was a semi-recent feature update that is causing me frustration. It has to do with deleting/editing text in a note and the space bar. If I edit one of my notes and try to add in something or change words, it seems like the cursor jumps forward whenever I am trying to hit space and continue typing. I think this is a recent feature that is trying to making life easier, but in reality it is complicating the editing process. When I go back to edit something that I have already typed I know where my cursor is and I know what to delete and what to type. However, when I start typing in my edits the cursor will suddenly jump forward to the next word as though I am done editing and all of the sudden I'm typing in words in the wrong place and have to re-edit. Please remove this feature. It goes against how cursor placement works in nearly every other text editing software on the planet and it is something I don't think people will get used to. Editing was so much simpler without these random cursor placement movements. For me it is only an annoyance. If you are convinced that this feature is useful please add an option to disable it.
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