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  1. I had the same issue... You guys shouldn't really provide an audio notes, I recorded 1 hour worth of talk and it is lost. please test your software before release, it was a really important voice and I was relying on it being recorded... remove the feature from evernote if it is not going to work but only short voices.
  2. My evernote is consuming a LOT of energy on my mac. the fan hits really hard as soon as I type a word... what is going on? Evernote used to be so much light weight and fast. Now it is sooooo heaven elephant, sluggish slow, like a snail elephant... please bring it back to its vigor and studness, and let us know if there is a light version of evernote most. of the time, I am just writing a light note, and using evenrote to manage the notes... can't evernote have ability to write a light note, really fast and light weight, then, it can copy paste it into the evernote documents and link it to others, later... ???? we need something LIGHT and FAST FAST FAST.
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