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  1. Thanks for that information. Figures that a user knows something that tech support didn't. I don't see a Table of Contents file but that's not important. What I'm wondering now is can they import this into OneNote if that's what they use? What I like about Evernote is I can search for a word in the document body or title and it will find it. But that doesn't work with the extracted files. It will only find something in the title.
  2. I have a bunch of appliance manuals in a notebook saved as pdf's along with general notes that I would like to give to the new owner of our home. Then I'd like to be able to delete that notebook from my file. Support told me that if I delete the notebook, it will no longer appear in their Evernote file. Is there someway around this? I have 92 notes. I can select a note and export it as an .enex file. If I select all 92 notes my only option seems to be to share it. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can handle this. The new owner has a pc, not a Mac. Any input would be appreciated.
  3. So....once it finally synced up, my recipes and some other notes were gone from the web site and from my Mac, yet again. Not thinking about my exported notes, I tried again to restore to an earlier copy. The strange thing is, though I tried 2 different dates, it never changed anything on my EN Mac. The folders that had been synced to the web never changed. By then, I remembered about my exported notes. So, now I've gone through and imported all of the notes that were missing that had been exported. Two times when I was trying to import the recipes with about 4,500 recipes in there, EN crashed. There seemed to be no way to get it to simply resume. The 2nd time I got up to 3,997 so I've quit with that for the time being. Now I'm running up against my memory limits for the month. I still have some notes missing. I have one copy of all of my notes exported in one lump but I obviously can't import it this month. I think I may go ask tech support if they won't increase my limit for the month so I can get this cleaned up. If and when I can try to simply import that big file to try and find my missing info, will they come in sorted by note book or just be one big list of notes? Will the tags be there? I guess now when it gets to the end of importing it asks if you want tags, so I guess those would be present. Again, thanks.
  4. While your suggested terminal command didn't work, the ones I posted above did. I tried to paste in an example of what I can now see but it wouldn't let me. But, for example, under Users/ I could see 2 grayed out items: .DS_Store and .localized. Then I could see my name/ and under that, stilled grayed out: .adobe, .bash_history, etc., etc. until you get down to Desktop, Documents, etc. and Library (all of which were visible, not gray). When I went into Time Machine, then I was able to see the Library folder that had been hidden to me before. So I went to an older date on Time Machine and was able to find the Library folder under my name (muglich) and it restored the data to Evernote. It wasn't the same date as what I had restored my iPad to but I had all of my folders back. I have now created a new sync'd Notebook and moved all of my notebooks into it. It wouldn't accept my stacked notebooks so I moved each of them in separately. I did also export each of 38 notebooks into a separate .enex file so now I have that for backup as well. It is syncing right now and there are tons of notes so I'm sure it's going to take a long while. I guess one question I have, assuming this part works, what about those stacked notebooks...ultimately could I just create another new syncable notebook for each stack, and move the folders I want into each stack? Right now the "wheel" in Evernote is spinning though I don't see any changes yet on EN on the web. Hopefully soon. Any idea how long it might take to sync this "new" data? Many hours or a day or?? [While writing this msg, EN crashed and is restarting. It is now syncing again.] And what will happen with my iPad. If I wait to allow it sync until my Mac is done, will it just sync to the "new" database on EN web? I'm so grateful that you ultimately keyed back in on the most relevant point here...that my Evernote files had to be backed up somewhere in my Time Machine. My tech support guy kept not answering any of my questions in that regard. But, when you posted that one terminal command and then when I read the article you posted and went searching for more...the one I found finally revealed to me what I knew had to be there somewhere. You have been so much more helpful than Tech Support ever was. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  5. So....I restored a few notes I had tried deleting from EN web. After your comments above, I did more Googling and found a website that indicated you could enter this command into terminal and see all Apple files: defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles YES and this to relaunch Finder: killall Finder And then I was able to see everything inside of Time Machine. I was able to find a folder with user name and then restored from there. It doesn't have the same # of recipes, etc. as is on my iPad but 4,000+ which I'm fine with (which they each have but slightly different numbers). So, now I have data on my Mac EN and on my iPad, though not the same. So, now what do I do to get either one of these to sync with the web? I don't understand how or what I could do by connecting my iPad to Mac and opening iTunes and then what??
  6. I tried that (and this was my thought from the beginning...the files have to be there, just not visible to me). However, it didn't work. I can see the Library folder beginning on backups from Feb. 19, but the 18th and backwards to Apr 2014 it is still not visible. I did reinstall EN from the web site but it found the oldsApp Store version (somehow it founds traces). Once it reinstalled it and forced me to allow wifi access, it synced up and matches the web contents lacking lots. What if I delete everything from the web account? If it had nothing and saw everything on the iPad, it wouldn't add it??
  7. I so appreciate your comments. However, at the present moment, the only place I know has all of my notes is on my iPad. I got that from using iTunes and restoring the most current copy from my Mac which was a Dec. 2014 copy. I have also now uninstalled Evernote from my Mac. Just getting reading to download a new copy. I did that because of having data in 2 places on my current drive, the AppStore spot and the direct download spot. I don't understand how the above procedure will sync my iPad to the web and to my Mac. I've never been able to find any data in either of the two specified locations in my Time Machine backups.
  8. Back again, so close and yet so far. So I told tech support I had managed to recover all of my notes to my iPad. Though I told him I had it on airplane mode because I did not want it to sync up with Evernote web which I feared might overwrite it, he asked if I had synced it to the web. Uh...did you read my note? So, I went ahead and allowed it to sync. Of course, it wiped out my notes. He said that's because: The content is not actually being adding to the Evernote apps. I don't understand what this means. He then said, once I recover my data (yet again, a 2-3 hr. process), try importing it into Evernote. Again, what does this mean. How would I import my data from Evernote iPad to my Mac?? or the Web? ​Any insight as to what I should do next?
  9. As an update, I continued to try and get tech support but really got nowhere. Yesterday I was thinking about how I have iCloud backups, 1T Time Machine, dropbox, how, how did I end up here? Then I thought about my iPad and how my notes were originally synced there (until I moved them off). I wondered where the backups are located when I have backed an extra copy up to my Mac (instead of just the cloud). And, voila, there was the solution to my problem. They, unlike my Mac notes, are in a directory where it says they will be and I had a copy from Dec. 2014. So, now I have my notes restored to my iPad. I'm waiting to hear from Tech Support how I can get them synced to my Mac and the web. I was elated to discover that this worked. I've been working on this issue for 17 days!! Tenacity paid off. I wasn't easily going to give up on losing 25 yr. worth of recipes and then I discovered other notes were missing. Now I'm almost back in business.
  10. I did contact Chat. They said no Supervisors are available via Chat and he will ask my tech support guy to contact me. They generally will only answer once a day. I wrote him yesterday but no response from him today.
  11. Additionally, in the Purgatory folder mentioned above, there are 7,581 folders, all dated 2/17/15. But, in looking at my EN file, apparently those are my current notes which show as 7,558 in EN. And yes, I am a premium member. Again, thanks for any help!
  12. Thanks for your prompt response! I'll go through and check the various suggested locations for Evernote files to be sure there's nothing there. No, I downloaded the most current version from the website. When I couldn't find my files, I wondered if I had originally downloaded it from the AppStore. Like I said, when I go there, the little "get" button is next to the app as in it is already installed. I've used this for a long time so don't recollect how I first got it. Additionally, while I do have some files located as mentioned above, I also see EN data in the spot where it is supposed to be if downloaded from the AppStore: users/muglich/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote. In that folder there are now items in a Purgatory folder. This seems to be where my current data may be. It's not like I can tell specifically where my folders titled "Recipe" or "Recipes" are Those names obviously aren't visible. I'm a fairly literate computer user but I've spent hours on this and have gotten nowhere. I've disconnected my backup drive for now because I read it might try to perform a brand new full backup after a restore. My Ticket# 947596
  13. I've been dealing with Evernote tech support for 2 weeks now. Bumped up a level. Still no help. I had a folder synced to my iPad. I wanted to remove it temporarily. I discovered you can't change a synced folder to a local one. I created a new local folder on my Mac and copied the other folder over. By the time I returned from a long vacation, I had forgotten about this whole episode. I tried syncing but, of course, it's a local folder (I now realize) and didn't sync. I tried changing the name of the folder. That, of course, made no difference. I contacted tech support. He had me send an Activity Log. Told me my EN copy on Mac was out of date. Curious as I have apps update automatically. Nothing about export all of your notes first or anything. So I did this. Came up with an archive error. I went to website, downloaded current app. It migrated data over. However, either then or when it synced, it wiped out that folder (I assume because it hadn't synced with web?). I've since learned that folders are stored in different directories depending on where software was downloaded from. Mine seem to indicate I downloaded the app directly from web and they currently are in user/my name/Library/Application Support/ but then, it says it should be in a directory "Evernote" but mine are in com.evernote.Evernote. I've gone to the AppStore and if I try to download EN it takes my directly to my Evernote. This folder contained a lifetime worth of recipes. I have a Time Machine Backup that goes back to Apr 2014. I have since tried to restore my Mac but it didn't stop to ask my where restore date I wanted (as as PC would have). It just restored it. Evernote is the same. Tech support has suggested various places to look for files including purgatory but not there. I just can't understand how I ended up in this mess using a Time Machine backup and why they can't tell me how to recover my data. Can anyone help me?
  14. Alright. Thanks for your input. The web doesn't contain my old file either. It's just at one reply a day, it is tedious going. I thought I'd have this fixed in a day or two but a week later I'm nowhere closer. Guess I'll wait for their next reply.
  15. I've contacted support and have been receiving one email a day from them but, after a week of this, I still don't have access to some of my old notes. I had marked a folder on my iPad as not to be available for offline use in order to free up space on my iPad for a trip. I can't recollect now why but there was some issue with syncing. I created a new folder and then synced my recipe notes to that new folder. Now I wanted it back available on my iPad. I marked it to once again be available for offline use from the iPad but that folder wouldn't sync. I tried changing the name of the file from Recipe to Recipes on the Mac thinking it would see it as new. That name doesn't show up on the iPad to be synced. Still didn't work. Tech support said, after receiving a log file, that I didn't have the current version of Evernote. Not sure why since I have Mac set to update apps automatically but, ok. But the app stopped during trying to update and said there was something wrong with the archive? Went online and downloaded the app from the website. It said it was going to migrate my notes. However, once it did that the file on my iMac which had 4,417 notes in it was gone. I still don't have my Recipes file, only Recipe and it only has 3 notes which I had added the other day. Same on the website. I do use Time Machine to back up my Mac and have plenty of backups available to choose from. It appears that my notes should be in /library/containers/com.evernote.Evernote. I tried copying the containers.plist file over but that did no good. Can anyone suggest how I might resolve this problem??
  16. When I attempt to paste something to Evernote using the Browser icon it pastes in the contents of the previous item. It happens over and over again. If I exit out of my browser and go back in it might be ok for a while but that is not always convenient to do. Any suggestions?
  17. I was able to successfully export my OneNote files to an .enex file which I then imported into Evernote for Windows which I was then able to sync with Evernote for Mac. This feature wasn't available a month or two ago but obviously has apparently now been added. Thanks!!
  18. With the pdf open in your browser window, in Safari I can click on the Evernote icon and select Paste to Evernote. Or you can right-click on the link for a pdf file and select download linked file. Once it downloads, right-click and ask to show it in finder. Then you can either drag it to an open note or right-click and ask it to open with Evernote.
  19. I'm looking to import on my Evernote for Mac from OneNote on my PC.
  20. Did you ever find a solution for this? I was told by Evernote a month or so ago that they were going to come up with a solution to import notes from OneNote but I've heard nothing back about this for a long time. I have hundreds of recipes I want to move over but no solution. I don't want to copy and paste each one in because they'll come in as an image and not editable or searchable.
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