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  1. mac (Archived) MacOS 10.5.8 won't run Evernote

    Thanks Heather, works fine. I'm currently waiting for my ordered copy of Snow Leopard to come in the mail so that I can then upgrade to Lion... Apple messed that process up badly. Then I'll upgrade Evernote. Ferris
  2. Hi everyone, Couldn't find help on this one in your posts, hope that doesn't mean I'm the only one to have encountered this problem. I just downloaded Evernote for Mac (3.0.1) and when I try to launch it is tells me that this version of Evernote can't be run on my version of MacOS. The download page says I'm fine with MacOS 10.5, so what's the deal? http://www.evernote.com/about/intl/en/download/ Thanks, Ferris