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  1. OK so after playing with this awhile, here is what the "developers" did that was just plain stupid. In order to "nest" tags, a standard feature up to the 6.0 release, the tag to be nested HAS to be used. That is, you can't make a tag, nest it, THEN use it. You can try this yourself: Create a tag called "Master" Now create a tag caller "Slave" Go to the Tags view and try dragging "Slave" on top of "Master"...it won't let you. Now, create a note, attach the "Slave" tag. Go back to the Tags view and drag "Slave" over the "Master" and this time it will work. Now, this seems to be only true of the New Web Beta AND the new Mac Client 6. If you go to the current web version, and try to repeat that ( by dragging tags on top of each other in the sidebar) it works fine AND if you open them up in the client, the nesting is maintained. It's just that you can tell that the two groups, web and mac, that develop things aren't working off the same specification and features list. No commonality. That's NOT a very good organization.
  2. Stuhrer: No I'm referring to my updated 6.0.2 client that's running on Yosemite on my Mac. NOT the web client. IMWJL: I have my reference docs and notes, yes, but the tags are not nested anymore. Try right-clicking in the side bar and you get NOTHING. The shortcuts do not work either, so to add a tag you have to go to the menu to do so, rather than the shortcut method. Evernote has basically screwed the Mac user.
  3. What has happened to Everynote on Mac? it's absolutely terrible now! Has Evernote given up on Mac and only supporting Windows? First, there IS no interface much any more. You can't do 1/2 the things in Mac you can on Windows (lazy programming or lack of commitment?) There's no color, few lines and a lot of the functionality is gone from even the previous versions of Evernote! This has completed WRECKED my entire use! In my GTD System i WAS using with EN, I could have nested Tags. In other words in the sidebar, I could have Reference as a tag and then nest a tag called !Ref-Article, and !Ref-Security, etc. These would be indented and easily accessible by expanding and collapsing the head tag. Now this is impossible to create and everything is single level! In fact, the "Tag" icon doesn't even exist until you create a Tag in the first place (not so in the Windows Version! I'm using Firefox with my iMac running Yosemite. Can anyone shed any light on WHY the commitment to Mac has suddenly died? I'm about to dump EN and go to Nozbe or something this is so frustrating! ADDED NOTE: In reading other posts, it seems my frustration isn't alone and there are even MORE functionality items that are missing or broken in the 6.0.x release. Shame.
  4. On my version, Mac 5.5, this does not work. When I drage a notebook onto another notebook, nothing happens. There is no option in the File menu, that allows the creation of a stack. When you right click on the notebook in the sidebar, there are only 3 options: Share, Notebook Settings and Delete (no Add to Stack). You can do this in the area to the right of the sidebar, but not in the sidebar. Not a great design. What's worse, is once you have created a stack, you can't change the name of that stack in either the sidebar or the area to the right. Very annoying.
  5. I have my current Evernote account that I have been using for sometime, but I want to start over with an new account so I can use the GTD methodology. However, I can't seem to find a place in the iPad settings to set the new account! I tapped my name in the top left for the settings, but there is no mention of any of these settings. Can anyone shed some light on this? What if I want to use both accounts for a while? Thanks.
  6. As an alternative to Evernote, if you are really into the chapter kind of thing, you should look at Circus Ponies "Notebook". It is very similar to EN, but with a lot more options for organization. It starts with a "Notebook", then you can divide the notebooks into tabs and even subtabs. Each of these then has notes, clips, audio, video, etc. Nicely, it creates and maintains a table of contents as you go as well as what they call a "multidex" which is a auto index by word, by keyword (=tags in EN), URLs, and more. It's not a cloud solution but does integrate with Dropbox seamlessly. If you are looking for a single solution, that might be more to the liking of those that want more structure without the hassle of creating false tabs, and things like that.
  7. I think the original intent of the post was missed by everyone. The methods that were mentioned are all what I would call a "work around". Forwarding messages is a terrible way to accomplish the task, and it's not secure. So forwarding email to get it back to Evernote, is a bit like taking a freeway around a town to go from the North to the South, rather than taking a thoroughfare that goes straight North to South. But, then if there IS no straight thoroughfare... What the original intent was, I believe, was a plug-in to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc... that would allow the user to highlight an email, click a button on a toolbar, enter a notebook and tags, and hit Go. Like Microsoft Outlook, he said. Why does MS Outlook have this, but no other client? Not everyone uses MS Outlook, especially at its cost. If Evernote provides a product on the Mac, it's time they start taking that mission seriously and provide the same functionality as the Windows' offering. That should include an out-of-the-box (or at least easy add-on) to the native Email client, Apple Mail. I'm pretty sure this message isn't the first one on this subject of providing equality of functionality for Mac. I've seen way too many already!
  8. Thanks much. I uninstalled the Web Clipper from the Windows box (Chrome) and then reinstalled...works fine now. Many thanks!
  9. I am using a Windows 7 computer at work, with Google Chrome Browser and the Web Clipper installed. Next to my box is a MacBookPro with OSX Snow Leopard. I have logged in ok, and all seems fine. I navigate to my specific page on the Windows box, find an article, then click the icon, bringing up the Web Clipper tool. I click the drop down box to choose which Notebook that I want the clip stored in, then complete the tags and clip operation. Now, when I check to see if the clip was delivered (after Syncing), the note seems to be delivered to no place in particular. You can't find it in the Notebook I specified, or in any other notebook. However, if you click on the "All Notebooks" option, the clipped article appears at the top, with its tags and everything! Is there a step I'm missing? Thanks for your help in advance.
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