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  1. Just as a heads up, and perhaps this information is buried here on this site, but don't EVER delete fonts from your system. This can quite possibly cause very serious issues with both Evernote and your computer! My experience: I run Evernote in an Apple microcosm, so it's on my laptop, my desktop, my iPhone and iPad. I was noticing on my desktop that my system was taking an inordinate period of time to load a couple of programs, and through research, the suggest was to remove unused fonts. Using Apple's Font Book, I was able to pick and choose those fonts I wanted removed. One of those was the Lucida Grande, menlo font. Bad idea! The next time I tried to use Evernote, the program initially warned that the font wasn't available, but STILL allow me to go into the program. It shouldn't do this. But it allowed continuing, and the program crashed. What ensued was a vicious cycle, over and over again. Evernote didn't terminate, but instead reloaded and relaunched. With the same prompts and the same crash. Over and over. Even going to the System monitor and killing both Evernote and Evernote helper didn't help, because within only a few moments, they both re-spawned as active process and began the loop all over again. Rebooting the computer was nearly impossible, because Evernote stopped the restart and reboot cycle. It took me about 10 times to kill the two processes through the terminal to allow the system to reboot, and even then, the processes would respawn. I attempted to restore my fonts from Time Machine, but apparently the font doesn't reside in the two standard locations (App Library or System Library). I reinstalled OSX and that didn't fix it either. Eventually I had to reboot from a hard shutdown, uninstall Evernote completely (there are LOTS of files), then re-install. That finally worked, as apparently, Evernote itself is responsible for that font! Two things came out of this: 1) DON'T EVER delete that font from your computer 2) Evernote needs to give a message that the font is missing and then suggest re-installing the app, before shutting down with a crash. Otherwise the user will be caught in an infinite loop.
  2. Thank you for the suggestions. I've reviewed those formalized video sets like "The Secret Weapon", and a couple of others, but as you said, they didn't really address the issue.
  3. i have been on the hunt for the optimal solution for my personal productivity system. Evernote is already a big part of this as my reference vault. I currently have four components that I'm looking to integrate: Task/Project Management, Email, Calendar and Reference. Right now I'm using Todoist for Task.Project management, Gmail and Gcal for email/calendar, and EN for the reference. I want better search and presentation flexibility in my Task/project management than what Todoist gives, however. One thing that kind of system provides, however, is the staging of work by date/time. While I can use EN to put in "actions to be done" I don't want to put reminders on every note. I need the capability to tie emails and tasks to projects, but then also see my "Daily" or "Weekly" task list of things to be done in a glance. If you have experience in this, would you be kind enough to share how you do these things on a daily basis. I should mention that I try to ascribe to Inbox-Zero and David Allen's GTD methodologies also. Thank you for your suggestions and ideas! Korky
  4. Is anyone aware of a way to select one or more email messages in Apple Mail and then import them to Evernote 6? Apparently there were some solutions that allowed this in the 5.6 and maybe 5.7 versions but Evernote blocked Apple scripting at some point (probably because Apple asked them to). I found a nice email client for Mac called Postbox and it has Evernote integration, but you can only move one message at a time (not very productive). The real interest I have here is doing MULTIPLE emails simultaneously...I'd just want the emails to get moved to my default notebook. Thanks for your help!
  5. OK so after playing with this awhile, here is what the "developers" did that was just plain stupid. In order to "nest" tags, a standard feature up to the 6.0 release, the tag to be nested HAS to be used. That is, you can't make a tag, nest it, THEN use it. You can try this yourself: Create a tag called "Master" Now create a tag caller "Slave" Go to the Tags view and try dragging "Slave" on top of "Master"...it won't let you. Now, create a note, attach the "Slave" tag. Go back to the Tags view and drag "Slave" over the "Master" and this time it will work. Now, this seems to be only true of the New Web Beta AND the new Mac Client 6. If you go to the current web version, and try to repeat that ( by dragging tags on top of each other in the sidebar) it works fine AND if you open them up in the client, the nesting is maintained. It's just that you can tell that the two groups, web and mac, that develop things aren't working off the same specification and features list. No commonality. That's NOT a very good organization.
  6. Stuhrer: No I'm referring to my updated 6.0.2 client that's running on Yosemite on my Mac. NOT the web client. IMWJL: I have my reference docs and notes, yes, but the tags are not nested anymore. Try right-clicking in the side bar and you get NOTHING. The shortcuts do not work either, so to add a tag you have to go to the menu to do so, rather than the shortcut method. Evernote has basically screwed the Mac user.
  7. As of Evernote 6.0.2 nested tags are not possible anymore. Also the shortcuts keys do not work either. The lack of commitment to the Mac version is troubling. Check the mac threads and you'll find they broke more than they fixed or added. The interface is now colorless and terrible (Grey font on white background...no attempt to make the interface attractive or pleasing. The right click options that were plentiful in the 5.x versions are gone. Added work chat which benefits not many. The whole product took a giant leap backward. I'm about to cancel my premium account.
  8. What happened to nested tags? Impossible to create? No Color a ALL? This looks as if you are dropping support for Mac...I'm looking for other GTD solutions..EN wasn't that good for it anyway!
  9. What has happened to Everynote on Mac? it's absolutely terrible now! Has Evernote given up on Mac and only supporting Windows? First, there IS no interface much any more. You can't do 1/2 the things in Mac you can on Windows (lazy programming or lack of commitment?) There's no color, few lines and a lot of the functionality is gone from even the previous versions of Evernote! This has completed WRECKED my entire use! In my GTD System i WAS using with EN, I could have nested Tags. In other words in the sidebar, I could have Reference as a tag and then nest a tag called !Ref-Article, and !Ref-Security, etc. These would be indented and easily accessible by expanding and collapsing the head tag. Now this is impossible to create and everything is single level! In fact, the "Tag" icon doesn't even exist until you create a Tag in the first place (not so in the Windows Version! I'm using Firefox with my iMac running Yosemite. Can anyone shed any light on WHY the commitment to Mac has suddenly died? I'm about to dump EN and go to Nozbe or something this is so frustrating! ADDED NOTE: In reading other posts, it seems my frustration isn't alone and there are even MORE functionality items that are missing or broken in the 6.0.x release. Shame.
  10. Appreciate tht. Seb. I really hadn't thought about that #@home thing at all. Good catch! Right now the way I'm circumventing the issue is that I've created saved searched for each of the major priorities that I have and on the iPad I can just call them up by priority. That seems to be a decent workaround at this point.
  11. I am just beginning to implement GTD using Evernote and am generally having good success. However, I am very bothered by the fact that notes on the iPad order their tags differently than on the desktop clients. As many of you know, GTD is interested in context of things to get done. In my implementation, I use tags to designate these contexts for who, what, where and when. So, for instance, I will use 1-Now 2-Next 3-Soon, etc for Priority (When) and similar contexts for the other things. I always put the Priority tag first on the note, so that when I bring the pending items up in Top List View on the desktop, the Priority is ordered properly. However, the iPad implementation of Evernote apparently ignores the order in which you've placed your tags. So if I placed the tags on a note in the order of 3-Soon, @Town, Fitness (representing Priority, Location and project) the iPad implementation apparently reorders these by ASCII... @Town, 3-Soon, Fitness. Is there som tweak or setting I'm missing on the iPad. It absolutely doesn't work this way on the desktop. I need to get the note tags to display IN THE ORDER I place them, otherwise the notes (actions) aren't in the proper execution order. Thanks for any advice or help. Cheers!
  12. On my version, Mac 5.5, this does not work. When I drage a notebook onto another notebook, nothing happens. There is no option in the File menu, that allows the creation of a stack. When you right click on the notebook in the sidebar, there are only 3 options: Share, Notebook Settings and Delete (no Add to Stack). You can do this in the area to the right of the sidebar, but not in the sidebar. Not a great design. What's worse, is once you have created a stack, you can't change the name of that stack in either the sidebar or the area to the right. Very annoying.
  13. Is it not possible to add a stack or change the name of a notebook and stack in the sidebar? Seems I have to do this in the area to the right.
  14. I have my current Evernote account that I have been using for sometime, but I want to start over with an new account so I can use the GTD methodology. However, I can't seem to find a place in the iPad settings to set the new account! I tapped my name in the top left for the settings, but there is no mention of any of these settings. Can anyone shed some light on this? What if I want to use both accounts for a while? Thanks.
  15. The key to that was what was added "It's NOT in the Evernote App". I was still searching for the "settings" in Evernote. Probably a better was to say it was to tell user to click on their iPad Settings icon, then choose Privacy and then photos. Good to know though!
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