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  1. Not a fan of the new screen clipper--I actually really loved the old shortcut Win+Print Screen. So with this new clipping tool, what's the trick to just copy it to the clipboard instead of making it a note. It's not Shift/Ctrl, it seems like before. Is there a way to go back to the old version? This freezes up on me about a dozen times a day Thanx
  2. Thanks Mike. FYI--the image link actually blocks the text above it. I don't know if you can see that on your side. That's pretty ugly that the image link shows at all. Any thoughts about the "print preview" and "print to pdf" menu items?
  3. Just upgraded to the Win 10.85 version. I want to hyperlink photos to my website. It used to be easy-peasy. Now you can't ctrl+K when the image is highlighted. And I notice the hyperlink icon is greyed out on the menu bar when clicking on a photo. When clicking on white space to write text, it's a valid icon. Also the print preview and print to pdf menu items are gone. I can easily enough choose pdf in my print settings, but there's no preview anywhere. Images run over two pages and are entirely messy. Any advice appreciated :)
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