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  1. Went ahead and registered for the purpose of this. I was really looking forward to the Lionification of Evernote and the addition of full screen functionality but I have to say I was pretty surprised to see this design choice. I actually thought it was a bug, that it got stuck on one view option somehow. I don't quite grasp the purpose of forcing the one view. I understand there are "usability issues" involved but what does that mean exactly? That makes it sound like there are problems with users using the other views. Were people complaining that they had multiple options? This choice seems really counterintuitive. I'm scratching my head. I definitely understand if it was a design challenge. I mean, to redo each view such that it plays nice with the rules of the full-screen world may be more work than the programmers want to make at this time. That would make sense. I'm sure there are challenges to converting everything, heck, as it is, thumbnail view in non-full-screen has some crazy graphic artifact action going on for me so I'm glad I don't use that view. But to make it a permanent design choice to just toss out the formats that (if things were divided evenly) two thirds of the user's workflows are based on? Do not get.
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