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  1. Thanks for the replies, gazumped and PinkElephant. Solid options. I really loved the native functionality. I downgraded to legacy and still get to do it, but the new Evernote is so darn pretty! I'll just stay on Legacy until they release that feature. I hope "soon" means in the next few months.
  2. Will the audio recording functionality be brought into the new Evernote for Mac Ver 10+ ? That's the crucial element that I've used professionally for years. I record all my conversations and take notes. I thought, hey the new version looks great, then went hunting for the ability to record audio and it WASN'T THERE?!?! Lost my mind, but then realized I could downgrade back to ver 7. Is the audio functionality gone for good? It's more than important, it's crucial, for my daily workflow that has been the same for years. Anybody else missing that feature or know if it is coming to the newest version of Evernote?
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